One of the best hypercars on the planet will be equipped with Spanish technology and will be needed

There is a very curious (albeit logical) fact in the automotive industry: although most of the major automakers are concentrated in a dozen countries, many brands, hypercar projects and other exotic products in countries with very little tradition in the sector. An example is that Zenvo Automotivea high-performance car manufacturing firm headquartered on the island. Danish.

This small company, founded in 2004, has been building racing cars almost entirely by hand for 15 years, but always based on the original ST1. However, this will change very soon as Zenvo plans to introduce a completely new model on August 18, 2023. which, in addition to installing a 1850 hp Mahle hybrid power plant, will have a number of high value-added components developed by a Spanish company.

Chassis Zenvo Aurora

Zenvo Aurora: new Scandinavian “hypercar” with 100 units, over 400 km/h and Iberian essence

Although we will know all the information in a couple of weeks, it is already known that the latest creation of the Scandinavians will be called dawn and will be managed by at least two engines: one “main”, gasoline, V12 and four-time turbocharged, with a working volume of 6.6 liters and a power of 1250 hp, and another “auxiliary”, electric, with a power of 600 hp.. Production is limited one hundred copiesof which about thirty are already reserved, as well as some deliveries to customers that will begin during 2024. two versions depending on the degree of performance and behavior desired by each user: Tur, more comfortable, and Agil, more radical and designed for the track.

To ensure the safety of a vehicle that can overcome 400 km/h maximum speed, its design Monocoque platform made entirely of carbon fiberwas instructed Madrid Composites Management Company. This company, in addition to building said chassis from very light materials and latest generation technologywill be responsible for the implementation impact test according to Formula 1 standards. The Spaniard, who specializes in the automotive industry, has already collaborated with well-known brands such as McLaren, Koenigsegg, Hispano Suiza or the Williams team.

He differential value managing composites on Zenvo Aurora goes beyond contributing to the integrity of your salon and his passengers had an accident. It also focuses on optimize its performance with a design that reportedly weighs less than 120kg.will be partially exposed and will serve as the basis for active aerodynamics.

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