New law obliges drunk drivers to pay child support

The state of Texas passed a law requiring persons convicted of drunk driving (driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs), whose negligence resulted in the death of both parents of a minor, to be financially responsible for the child.

Gov. Greg Abbott signed House Bill 393 this month, which establishes this requirement as law.

The law prescribes that if a minor under the age of 18 is orphaned by a drunk driver, the convicted person is required by law to financially support the child’s designated legal guardians.

It is important to note that this provision only applies in the event of the death of both parents of the minor. The law does not cover cases where adults lose their parents under similar circumstances.

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The material liability placed on the convict will take into account various factors. Among them are the standard of living of a minor before the tragic incident, his physical and mental health, and the need for education. The law also takes into account other costs associated with raising children.

The law, which will come into force on September 1, obliges convicts to begin monthly payments within a year after their release from prison. The law comes at a critical time for Texas, a state notorious for its high rate of drunk driving.

In recent years, Texas has consistently ranked among the states with the most drunk driving incidents. Surprisingly, Texas ranked third in a recent study by Forbes Advisor.

San Antonio, a city in Texas, is facing a significant number of drunk driving issues, ranking fourth among US cities with the most drunk driving incidents in 2021.

This groundbreaking law introduces a new strategy for dealing with the consequences of drunk driving. By imposing financial liability on DUI offenders, it is intended to protect the well-being of child victims and act as a powerful deterrent against reckless behavior.

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