Narc Sebastian Marcet threatened Uruguayan and Bolivian TV journalists with a chip from the Malvinas Islands on his mobile phone.

The Uruguayan news program Telenoche (Channel 4) reported that its journalists had received threats from drug dealer Sebastian Marcet.

(From Montevideo, Uruguay) Uruguayan newscast telenoch (Channel 4) started its episode on Wednesday 5th in a different way. TV program hosts reported that on Tuesday, the 4th, at 22:47, a threat appeared, signed Sebastian MarcetUruguayan drug dealer wanted by justice.

“Hi. If they keep making newspaper articles about me there will be consequences. I am Marcet“, – says the text sent whatsapp. The message is accompanied by a photo with 24 chargers glock pistolon a newly opened box.

Journalists of the informational issue assured that the received photo was not found in Internet search engines, therefore it was not downloaded and does not belong to the weapon that was found in the raids that were made on his mansionin Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. “That is, this is not a photograph that was published or distributed in the public domain,” the program says.

The number it was sent from comes from the prefix Falkland Islands (+500) and was sent to the same number that the drug dealer was talking to telenoch in August 2022, when he posted a series of videos in which he established his responsibility for the murder of the Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci, of which he is accused.

WhatsApp message that Marcet sent to several journalists

“If you have proof of something, speak quietly, but if you have no proof, don’t speak. They don’t stop talking, they rot me,” said a man identified as Marcet in the video. In the video, he appears behind glasses and wearing a mask. It was his first public appearance since his arrest in Dubai in 2021 for holding a fake Paraguayan passport. With the Uruguayan document, they were able to release him.

In this case, the contact was made from a number registered in South Africa.

The drivers recalled that in 2020, drug prosecutor Monica Ferrero received threats in a WhatsApp message, and two days later, a bomb exploded in the Montevideo Anti-Drug Brigade.

Over time, it turned out that the organization, which includes Marcet, was involved in the threats to the prosecutor and in the attack on the brigade, which was reported a year ago. Observer. However, there was no information confirming that Marcet was directly involved in the events.

“In all this there are elements that allow us to rule out that this is a joke in bad taste. Six minutes after the threat was received on our mobile phone, a journalist from Bolivia received the same threatening text accompanied by the same photo,” said news anchor Jaime Clara.

Minister of the Interior of Uruguay, Luis Alberto Heberexpressed solidarity with journalists and guaranteed their safety. “This is very serious, and this should call us to concern for the protection of free journalism that informs, and therefore we want to convey to you the full guarantee that the government and the Ministry of the Interior give institutionally in terms of maintaining security. journalists who are doing their job,” the statement said.

Uruguayan Minister Luis Alberto Heber guaranteed the safety of journalists.

Heber insisted that journalism would be “protected” and that the government would continue to “fight” the “scourge that is organized crime and drug trafficking.”

Bolivian environment Digital ATB He also denounced that one of his journalists was threatened by Sebastian Marcet and explained that he would continue to cover the case. Other Bolivian journalists reported telenoch that the threat reached more than one media outlet, even though only one chose to make it public by editorial criteria.

Bolivian government minister Eduardo del Castillo expressed solidarity with journalists and assured that he would provide the television network with “all necessary security.”

Uruguayan news this Thursday morning underlined (Channel 10) reported that he received the same threats. The message arrived four minutes before Channel 4.

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