My smartwatch does not recognize sleep hours: how to fix it?

Only by knowing what it can do can you fix it and enjoy more accurate sleep measurements on your smartwatch.

If your clock doesn’t show you your dream, do it.

The problem may be in Last update that it affected you, so make sure it doesn’t, because it will probably be fixed soon with a new update, and if it does, contact the manufacturer. It is very important that the watch is always updated to the latest version.

You can also try just reset clock and try to see if the dream detects you correctly next time. If it’s not one of those two things, check the following.

You sleep during the day, and at night you measure your rest

One of the most common reasons why your watch may be bad at detecting your sleep is that it is only designed to measure hours of sleep at night, or on a schedule that doesn’t fit the one you sleep on, and therefore you won’t see the hours you actually sleep, or you won’t see any results. Outside of the period for which it is set, sleep will not be recorded or displayed as such.

So you should check if your watch has schedule adjustment settings and that it detects it during the hours when you are really asleep. When you get to this feature, if possible, change the time you usually sleep every day, or make this change for a specific day if you’re going to sleep at unusual times.

This is the fault of your movement or that it is poorly adapted to the wrist.

If your watch is of poor quality or the sensors are not very accurate, it may not be able to detect your sleep for your body movement For example, if you get up at night and then stop seeing it as a dream, or if you move around a lot during the night. There are watches with which you will not have problems with this, but for others it is a big inconvenience.

This will depend on how it monitors your sleep, how accurate the sensors are, and other aspects. It may also be, and this is more common than anything else, that Don’t wear smartwatch tightly on your wrist because it is very loose or does not have a proper strap. Good wrist support is the key to quantifying sleep hours.

It is configured incorrectly or the application is causing conflicts

Check, of course, that you have sleep detection activated and that there are no changes to the settings that could affect this and that you accidentally set. Also make sure not application that may cause a conflict. If this happened to you recently, try to remember if you installed or configured anything recently.

You don’t have Bluetooth on your mobile phone

Although it may seem silly, if you see this data from your mobile phone and the result does not appear, check that you have Bluetooth enabled and your data is synced Right. Sometimes, although the watch records this data correctly, you do not see it on your mobile for this reason.

If none of these work, try the more radical ones.

If all this still doesn’t work, you might have to resort to other more extreme things like reset smart watch and try again or refer to technology because there may be a problem with the sensor or something that affects it. This generally works with the previous solutions, though there are times when it doesn’t, especially if you’ve been using the watch for a long time.

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