More US companies are joining the China ban, and the tech giant says it will deliberately slow down its product releases.

AMD will follow NVIDIA’s strategy and ship less powerful graphics cards to China

The tech war between the US and China is at its most delicate. As a result of the latest decisions of both countries, each region saw how the movements they envisioned had a direct impact on the economy of their counterpart. So a few weeks ago The United States decided to limit the supply of video cards that crowded out the virtues of AI. And while this does not mean a total ban, it does mean that GPUs exported by the United States will be less power than what the Americans can use.

This is expected to directly affect the companies that operate in this sector. In addition to NVIDIA, one of the firms most affected by the Joe Biden government’s decisions, another big company pointed to is AMD, its fiercest competitor. As part of its strategy in the graphics card market, the firm is also looking to take advantage of artificial intelligence. And just like NVIDIA already did, AMD also confirmed What will modify its products so that they can enter the Chinese market.

Measure in effect since September last year

The decision to limit the shipment of products to China is not new. Since last year, the United States has been looking for a way to ensure that its technological advances don’t give China a market opportunity, which is why it decided to remove the video card option. Thus, AMD will follow in the footsteps of NVIDIA, which has already confirmed that reduced speed and performance of its graphics cards and will seek to continue operating in the Chinese market after the restrictions of the relevant US organizations.

At present, China’s desperation has led to Asian country users to squeeze the black market opportunities. It is common for people, companies and even universities to purchase significantly higher than the market value, an option that could go further in the coming months as a result of various restrictions imposed by the United States. Be that as it may, both countries seem determined not to give up in the technological conflict that does not stop growing.

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