Meta will release a second version of Ray-Ban Stories, despite the fact that almost no one uses them

The North American company seems to continue to bet on technology that no one asked about.

Meta will release a second version of Ray-Ban Stories, despite the fact that almost no one uses them
File image of sunglasses released by Meta and Ray-Ban.

If we call the word metauniverse and the company Meta, then surely in your imagination there will be a clear image of some models of the Meta Quest virtual reality device. And the fact is that in the past, the North American company has bet so heavily on this technology that it seems that its other products have been forgotten. We take this opportunity to talk to you about one of the company’s most curious wearables and its obsolescence.

The second generation of a device that almost no one uses

The information we will tell you below has been disclosed by The Wall Street Journal and warrants that Target There is problem with connected glassesso-called Ray-Ban Stories, but this did not stop him, perhaps in order to improve the product, which is clearly not enough, to focus on second version from wearable. However, it will be necessary to change the sales strategy because the current numbers are deplorable.

The data that has been revealed about Ray-Ban Stories is devastating. Before last month Februarywere there 300,000 units V sold worldwide, but only 27,000 people used the device on a regular basis, i.e. less than 10% of users they were able to use them. The company guarantees on the official website of Ray-Ban Stories:

With Ray-Ban X Meta glasses, you can take photos and videos, listen to music, make calls and share content directly on social networks. Choose from 3 classic Ray-Ban shapes and 20 lens and frame combinations.

A lot of are Problems what this wearable seems to offer, both connectivitylike autonomy or from connection with social networks. In fact, the document, which the North American media had access to, said they should “better understand the reasons why users stopped wearing glasses, how to ensure that we encourage them to use them, and how to keep them hooked and kept.”

It seems that the company led by Mark Zuckerberg will try to solve the problem of not using Meta and Ray-Ban glasses. improve their autonomy and their cameras, in addition to offering more models to choose from. In addition, the North American company intends to improve the quality and offer features what are they from utility to current users who seem to have embraced the device with enthusiasm but abandoned it due to its poor performance. Of course, what they look like is undeniable, and the Ray-Ban guard is a good starting point.

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