Medicine, politics, art and ecology at “outdoor meetings” in Es Mercadal

Prestigious speakers participate in the summer cycle for free and always at 20:00.

Over the next five weeks, Es Mercadal Town Hall will again organize half a dozen of its “Tertúlies a la fresca” with professional speakers on various topics with the aim of turning the municipality into a space for reflection and discussion. .

lfirst meeting with Paula Gomila, oncologist, will be represented by the biologist and surgeon Sebastia Pons Fuchsa, and the second with the former President of the Council, Joan Hugue, will be represented by the former Mayor Ramon Orfila. Other gatherings will be presented by councilors from the town hall or by the speakers themselves, such as Jiménez and Elordui’s speech on the artists Hartung and Bergman who lived in Fornells in 1933.

Most of the talks take place in the Es Mercadal church square, although one on August 15, dedicated to art, and another on September 5, dedicated to the preservation of the marine environment, will take place at the castle of San Antonio de Fornells.

Joan Palliser, mayor of the municipality, notes that “As usual, our speakers are residents or vacationers of political, scientific or artistic interest”. This year’s program is “diverse” as two of the six presentations are about art, one is about environmental protection, another is about political history, one is about aerospace engineering and one is about medicine.

All negotiations begin at 20:00 and between the presentation, the presentation itself and the open question time for participants, they are expected to last until 21:00 or 21:30.

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