Medical Research is coming to the Two Point campus on August 17th.

Two Point Studios Limited and SEGA® Europe Limited are proud to present Two Point Campus™ Medical Research, the next big DLC ​​for the popular college management game, releases on all platforms on August 17th for $9.99 / MXN 199. Watch the trailer right now!

No, we hope that the feeling of déjà vu you’re experiencing isn’t related to a traumatic brain injury. Two Point Campus: Medical Studies goes back to the manic grandeur of the original Hospital of two points to bring a whole batch of new levels, new game mechanics and lots and lots of nasty diseases to contend with.

Players will begin their educational journey in idyllic Tumble Lake, where they will meet Two Point County’s Remedy Master, Vitality Johnson. Soon they will be sent to Molten Rock, where an ancient volcano raises the temperature of sick visitors and medical personnel, and that’s before you start dealing with Dr. Briney the Sea Dog and his gang of pirates. Finally, you will come face to face with Bartholomew F. Yeti again at Pointy Peak, where the only thing colder than the weather is our thermometers.

What’s a medical school without a bunch of students and stuff? We’ve added doctors and nurses as a new student type, six new room types, and over 60 new items to help you diagnose and de-stress your patients. There’s the main clinic and its intimidating Noggin’ Nabber, or the mental ward and its far less intimidating couch. You have to diagnose many developing illnesses, such as the classic case of “mental diarrhea” or “brown spots”.

Last but not least, Two Point Campus: Medical Studies poses new challenges for students and their mentors to overcome. If your patients’ health takes a turn for the worse, they may return as ghosts to roam the hallways, forcing your already overworked cleaners to clean up the creepy (and sticky) mess. Leave your medical equipment running without proper care and you risk burning everything to the ground. Face huge waves of patients during emergencies arriving via the helipad from time to time, or clear the deck of pesky pirate practitioners looking for more than one way to cut costs.

Two point campus is a fun college management sim in which players must build and manage the college campus of their dreams. From designing elegant dormitories to building paths and landscaped gardens, players are free to decorate their campus with new, easy-to-use creative tools to create their own educational masterpiece.

Players must provide their students and teachers with everything they need to get through and survive the school year with many exciting and fantastic courses to explore. Two point campus now available for PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

Players can reserve Two Point Campus: Medical Studies Here. note that Two point campus also celebrates its first anniversary with our biggest discount yet! you can get Two point campus 50% off on Steam until August 11, PlayStation 4|5 until August 16, and Xbox Series X|S until August 7. Two Point Campus: Medical Studies 10% off Steam and Xbox Series X|S from August 3rd to 24th. Versions medical research For Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4|5, there will be a 10% discount for early adopters from August 17 to 24.

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