MediaMarkt is knocking down €400 for this premium laptop with an OLED screen and 16GB of RAM.

There are many people who, especially for work reasons, require a laptop that can combine quality, power and portability in one product. That’s why today we’re talking about a high-performance computer from the prestigious ASUS, equipped with hardware that can offer excellent performance, and which has reached its lowest price on the MediaMarkt website.

In particular, we refer to ASUS VivoBook K3402ZA-KM079W, a premium OLED laptop with an Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM. There is more than enough hardware to handle even the toughest tasks anywhere. And the best part is that today on the MediaMarkt website it can be ours with a €400 discount. Keep reading, we’ll tell you everything it has to offer and you’ll be amazed for sure.

Superior design and power for everything

From the moment we take it out of the box, this high-end laptop features a durable, elegant and modern design. Ride on a steep 14″ OLED screen, WQXGA+ resolution and ultra-narrow bezel. It is the ideal panel for all kinds of creative tasks so that any user can enjoy the best possible color fidelity and motion clarity. Thanks to the organic light-emitting compounds used, OLED displays are capable of reduce harmful blue light emissions by up to 70% compared to LCD screens, which makes them easier on the eyes and reduces the risk of retinal damage.

Notebook ASUS VivoBook K3402ZA

Inside, it has hardware specifically designed for productive, creative, competitive people looking for the ultimate in performance for both hard work and fun. There is a processor for this. 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700H and is designed on the Intel Evo platform for exceptional responsiveness. accompany you 16GB DDR4 RAM work more smoothly and 512 GB Solid State Drive with which we can access our files, photos and multimedia libraries in seconds. In addition, it includes Windows 11 Homelatest version of Microsoft operating system.

Among other features, it is worth noting the presence of a map Intel Iris X Graphics to fully work with today’s most popular applications. It also includes WiFi 6 which promises to provide a faster and more stable network in the next decade, offering the speed up to 574 Mbps on 2.40 GHz networkwhile he will offer up 2402 Mbps at 5 GHz

Get this monstrous laptop and save 400 euros

As we were able to verify from its specifications and in conclusion, we can say that the ASUS VivoBook K3402ZA-KM079W is a powerful laptop with which we can perform any task, wherever we are. It features an exquisite design and eye-catching hardware specifically designed for demanding users who demand maximum performance and performance.

ASUS VivoBook K3402ZA

And best of all we find it in its price. The MediaMarkt website has Recommended retail price 1299 euros. but today it can be ours for only 899 euros, which is a 30% discount on total savings €400 and with free shipping.

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