Maria Isabel Bilbao Bengoechea Department of Occupational Medicine and Nursing

One of its tasks is to increase the social significance of the health of working people.

Guillermo Quindos Andrés, Vice Chancellor for Scientific and Social Development and Transmission of the University of the Basque Country, and Lourdes Iscar Reina, Director General of the Osalano-Basque Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, signed an agreement to establish the Department of Medicine and Professional Nursing UPV/EHU–OSALAN María Isabel Bilbao Bengoechea, who will work in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health in the Faculty of Medicine and Nursing at UPV/EHU’s Biscay Campus. The event was also attended by Elena Pérez Barredo, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the Basque Government, Amaya Castaños Urcullu, Head of Department, Joseba Pineda Ortiz, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Nursing, Koldo Callado Hernando, Director Development Scholar and Social Affairs Specialist of UPV /EHU, Iñaki Olaizola, Deputy Director of Osalan Planning, Aitor Gisasola, Head of Occupational Health and two daughters of Maria Isabel Bilbao Bengoechea, Isabelle and Maria Victoria Sanjuan Bilbao.

The main objective of the Department of Occupational Medicine and Nursing UPV/EHU-OSALAN Maria Isabelle Bilbao Bengoechea is to promote mechanisms for the prevention of the health of people at work, to promote the culture of medicine and professional nursing in Basque society, and to provide training throughout the professional life of all agents who are actively work in this area of ​​occupational health prevention. The department bears the name of Maria Luisa Bilbao Bengoechea, the first student of the first and short-lived medical faculty of the Basque Country (1936–1937), whose future was interrupted by the civil war.

“To make health at work a solid value for the whole society. A sought-after value for citizens to live and experience their work environment as a safe, health-promoting place. The demand for information and academic contrast is only growing in a globalized world that shares problems, opportunities, diagnoses and solution strategies, information that we will send through our department,” said Guillermo Quindos after signing the agreement.

For her part, Lourdes Oscar emphasized that “the main mission of the Department of Occupational Medicine and Nursing will be to encourage and intensify the dissemination, dissemination, awareness and wider and better application of occupational risk prevention at work. To do this, its work should be focused on prevention agents: enterprises and workers’ representatives, technical and medical personnel of preventive services and other medical personnel who care about people’s health.

In the same way, the chairman should promote this culture in public authorities so that they develop policies that avoid inequities in health, and that through these agents this value is transmitted to society. In short, the department will have the function of developing the function of a technical body in the service of public authorities, for which it will carry out the tasks of training strategic agents, consulting services and case studies.

In this regard, the department should perform the tasks of an agent for the dissemination and revival of a culture of health in work at the social and institutional level, in addition to advisory and facilitating functions for a network of agents and participants in risk prevention. , labor. Thus, the department will satisfy the need for a binding agent that will allow the withdrawal of expert knowledge from the university academic world.

Thus, the UPV/EHU – OSALAN María Isabel Bilbao Bengoechea Department of Occupational Medicine and Nursing becomes a first-class strategic tool for promotion, dissemination, education and research in the field of occupational health.


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