Marcela Acuña requested a meeting with Emerenciano Sena due to her illness and he refused medical attention.

A new letter has been added to the file case that investigates the disappearance and possible femicide Cecilia Strzyzowski. In her, Marcela Acuna insisted on meeting with her husband, Emerenciano Senadue to the poor health he claims, and this Monday it became known that the public figure refused medical attention even though the procedure was approved.

In a letter addressed to the commissioner of the 3rd police station in Resistencia, Chaco, where her 58-year-old husband, the mother of Cesar Sena, the victim’s former partner, is being held, asked to spend “ten minutes with relatives” given that he is “hospitalized comprehensive study of colon cancer“.

Cecilia Strzysowski case: human blood found in Cesar Sena’s truck

“I am deprived of the fundamental right to see my sick husband, and also mother’s right to deprive me of the opportunity to see my son“Acuña pointed out, referring to Cesar, who is being detained, as well as his parents, who are accused of being co-authors of the alleged femicide Strzhovski, who was last seen on June 2 at the entrance to the house of the Sena family.

In the letter he asked:send to prosecutor” as a result of the “harassment” he says he suffered from the Chaco Special Prosecutor (EFE) team in charge of the case. “I want to know about the state of health in order to have access to see it”the woman said.

Marcela Acuña, defendant in the Cecilia Strzyszowski case 20230621
Marcela Acuña and her son Cesar, defendants in the Cecilia Strzyszowski case.

So far, the judge has denied meetings in prison between the couple, as well as between César Sena and his mother. as a result of “procedural risk” what the authorities believe this entails as the detainees continue to be accused of being co-authors of the crime. Meanwhile, four other people – close associates of the Seine – remain accused. for “aggravated harboring”.

In two previous letters, Akunya stated that allow media entry to the 6th police station, where she is located, in order to be able to give interrogations. Also asked for reading materialsuch as books and newspapers, as these are “rights that most prisoners have”, which she wrote she did not have.

Cecilia Strzysowski case: In two new letters, Marcela Acuña defends her husband and says she covered for her son

Emerenciano Sena refused medical attention

Founder of the Emerenciano movement refused a sanitary exit scheduled for this Monday, which was sanctioned by a team of prosecutors. As it turned out, the defendant was going to be transferred from the 3rd police station to the Perrando de Resistencia hospital for specialized medical care.

According to police protocol, he refused the transfer. reasons not overcomeon a date when they got together do a video colonoscopy. On July 6, as he walked in and out of the medical center, he was booed and insulted by a group of people waiting for him after being examined by doctors.

The piquetero leader’s decision came the day after he was taken to the Galeno sanatorium at the request of his lawyer. Chaco’s diary. Dr. Ricardo Osuna asked the doctor to “examine him in connection with his bleeding colon health problems since from the moment of detention until now he has not been provided with appropriate medical assistance, and no tests and studies have been carried out to establish his illness.”


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