Loyola University Awaiting Medical and Nursing

Get authorization for Degrees in Medicine and Pharmacy. This is the main unresolved issue that remains for the only private university currently located in Seville, on the Dos Hermanas campus.

And the fact is that the Jesuit Institute has finally not received permission so that the next course can be taught on its new campus of medical sciences with the degrees that it has been asking for for several years. In fact, he didn’t make it. Despite the optimism on campus as they already have Dean of Medical Sciences Antonio Nunez. and they invested about thirty million euros to a million dollars.

In addition, Loyola, which has not yet given up on this plan and is making sure that the last word is not spoken, has already collected numerous applications from students for these degrees and passed entrance examinations of the same type that they usually do for access to other degrees. In fact, a few weeks ago, Loyola collected about 1,000 drug and pharmaceutical applications.

Something seems logical when you consider that medical degrees are the most in-demand degrees and, in the case of medicine, the number one of them, this year 2400 students who could not get a place in the next course at the only faculty of the University of Seville.

This means that Loyola will start next year with some new qualifications, even if they haven’t achieved the ones they most wanted.

Finally, new qualifications that have already been tested for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, such as the new bachelor’s degrees, will be launched in the next academic year. Journalism and digital media, advertising and digital marketing, audiovisual communicationpreschool and elementary education, software engineering, visual arts, biotechnology, physical therapy or human nutrition and dietetics.


In fact, the task of this university is the constant growth that has been observed in recent years with each course. They include new degrees in their academic offerings. Since Loyola University’s first promotion on the old Palma Altas campus began in the 2013/2014 academic year, supply has been growing and is projected to continue year after year. It is likely that Loyola will celebrate its first decade of existence in Seville.

In addition, for the next 23/24 course, the most relevant thing for Loyola University is that a new phase is beginning. with the arrival of a new rector who was appointed some time ago but will not take office until September of the following year, coinciding with the start of the new academic year.

They are Fabio Gómez-Estern and a new government team to replace the team led by Gabriel Pérez Alcala as rector and in charge of the university. the last 13 years, and this will ensure the continuity of the project.

The inauguration of the new rector is scheduled for September 13, and his team will do so later in the coming weeks. Since their appointment by the Board of Trustees, they have worked together on a transition process that has been carried out in an exemplary manner.

Likewise, another challenge for Loyola University for the next academic year, as the academic institution insists, is to manage the strong growth that the university experiences as in new students –The number of first grade students is expected to double from three years earlier – as is the number of staff contracts.

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