knife, security cameras, human remains and confession

The world is still in a state of shock after the alleged confession of Daniel Sancho as the murderer of Edwin Arrieta. However, the Commissioner of the 8th Provincial Police District Police Lieutenant General Surapong Thanomjit announced that further evidence had been found pointing to Daniel Sancho as the prime suspect. But what is it? proof?

The gruesome discovery of the victim’s body was made after several garbage collectors found human body parts, including pelvis and intestinesYesV fertilizer bag at a landfill in Koh Phangan last Thursday. The same day that Sancho went to the Koh Phangan police station to report Arrieta’s disappearance. An event that occurred after the news spread that some parts of the victim’s body had been found.

Later on Friday, other body parts were found, including two legsA black T-shirtA shorts and those red underpantsV black plastic bag In the same place.

Surveillance cameras

In addition, a police review of CCTV footage distributed at various locations on the island showed that Sancho was involved in the incident when he was seen on a motorcycle with the victim, the commander said. Which led to the identification of Sancho as the last person to see Arrieta alive prior to the discovery of his body.

On the other hand, Arrieta’s family stated that he and Sancho went to Koh Phangan to visit full moon party, one of the main tourist attractions of the place. Similarly, Police Lieutenant General Surapong told the Bangkok Post that Arrieta’s relatives told investigators that been in a relationship with Sancho for over a year.

Shortly after Arrieta’s relatives failed to reach him and contacted Sancho, who also claimed not to have seen him, they contacted police inspect hotel room next to the Thong Nai Pan beach that the victim had reserved, but there was no trace of him. They later discovered that despite the fact that it was Arrieta who booked the room, Sancho checked into the hotel alone and left before the victim arrived.

Human remains in a hotel room

However, after a search, the police found more evidence believed to be parts of the victim’s body. another room at a resort in Salad Beachwhich is believed to be the site of the murder, Police Lieutenant General Surapong Thanomjit, commissioner of the provincial 8th Precinct, told the Bangkok Post.

According to authorities, samples hair, thick And napkin from the sewers of the hotel room where the murder is suspected to have taken place. These samples were sent to a laboratory for analysis. Forensic-medical examinationalthough we will have to wait until Sunday to know the results.

Knife, plastic bags and detergents.

Finally, Lieutenant General of the Surapong Police told the Bangkok Post that “we still do not know the motive for the murder. At first we think it may have been due to jealous rage.” In addition, he stressed that “the investigation found that Daniel Sancho had carefully prepared himself by purchasing other items to hide the body.” In this sense, police sources told the Bangkok Post that Sancho allegedly bought knife, plastic bags, cleaners and gloves, among other things, in a shop on Koh Phangan last Tuesday and was captured by the city’s security cameras as he returned to his hotel.

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