Kindle with over 4400 comments and the best rating on Amazon

If you are a true reading romantic and are thinking about getting an e-book to enjoy reading in a more practical way, Kindle Paper White This is a great option and you can get it for 169.99 euros. This model registers over 4400 reviews on Amazon and averages 4.7 out of 5 stars.

This set on fire In the ad-free version, the recommended and regular price on Amazon is €169.99. In addition, its delivery is completely free and fast for Prime users or for those who take advantage of the free trial of the service for one month.

He has more 4400 reviews which give it a high reputation, because 82% are 5-star and 12% 4-star.. He is also assigned as “Amazon option” having an excellent result and being one of the best selling devices.

latest version Kindle Paper White It has a compact design (174 x 125 x 8.1 mm) and a light weight of 205 grams, making it ideal for portability. His Touch screen with e-ink and anti-reflective coating offers us diagonal 6.8 inchesIt has density 300 dpi and one adjustable warm light read in any conditions.

On the other hand, it has a wide 16 GB memory store thousands of books without worries. It is also accompanied by a battery that is capable of giving us up to 10 weeks of autonomy with a single charge, which is carried out by a USB-C cable.

Other features of this model that should be highlighted are its IPX8 classification, which makes it waterproof so that we can even take it with us to the beach or the pool, as well as its connectivity. dual band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz and 5.0GHz) to download books from the Amazon catalog or other pages.

The product deserves a small magazine as it is in my opinion the most valuable product I have bought this year and for many reasons.
I’ll start by saying that I wasn’t very supportive of the Kindle in the beginning and that I also had all the arguments one would normally hear, such as that I liked the book’s subject matter, touching the paper, looking at the colorful cover, smelling the ink and paper, look in my library, etc.
But I read several books at the same time, and it’s true that when I traveled, which happens often, it was a little painful for me to take several books with me because of their weight and volume.
So, taking advantage of Black Friday, I decided to buy a Kindle.
I searched online and finally settled on this model due to the value for money and the fact that I bought my books on Amazon anyway. The Paperwhite 2021 is larger than its older versions than the base model, has better lighting and quality, and has more features than the more expensive Kindle model, which costs around 100 euros.
Using it, I quickly discovered many benefits, which I will list below, but I would say the first of these was that, for ease or comfort, my reading speed increased from one book per quarter to one to three books per week. What will it be…

What are the good sides of the Kindle then:

* Reading comfort is much better than with a tablet. I used to read from the iPad from time to time, and of course I didn’t see any interest in buying a Kindle back then. But light is more comfortable and weight has nothing to do with it, making it much more comfortable to hold or handle.

* Weight only. Because of the much larger screen than my mobile, it also weighs a lot less. Thanks to its size and weight, it is very easy to transport even in your pocket, making it very practical to use in any occasion. You have ten minutes of waiting in the administration office, you take out your Kindle. You will never lose a page except…

* My screen has no protection as it is not easily scratched, unlike a mobile phone or tablet.

* The battery has an impressive run time. Reading from one to three hours a day, it lasts about 4 weeks. This means you can go on vacation without ever having to restart your Kindle.

* With adjustable lighting and screen quality, it is very comfortable for the eyes to read in bed without turning on the light. So your partner can sleep without worrying about the light. A super benefit for those who live with a partner and it will just increase your reading speed at night, you’ll see. In fact, you will also sleep better, as reading at night makes it easier to sleep, unlike the effect of screens if, for example, you watch a movie in bed.

* Kindle allows you to transfer from your own hands. Let me explain, you’re about to take your lunch break and you’re holding your sandwich in one hand and your drink in the other, how can you read comfortably during that time? Not possible with a traditional book. But with the Kindle it’s easy, you leave it on the table and read hands-free since you have to hold it and keep it open. To go to the next page, you only need to move one finger by pressing the bottom right. It seems silly, but the solution is very practical in many cases you will see.

* With 8 GB of storage, one Kindle can store hundreds of books. It’s useless to have so many, but yes, you can go on holiday with about 4 or 5 books, not much larger than a mobile phone, and lighter in weight. If you tend to read multiple books at the same time, the Kindle will come in handy.

* It has a dictionary that you can download and use at any time. Nothing is easier to use. Don’t know a word, click on a word? A definition in your language will appear, and a translation if you are reading in a foreign language. This was one of the reasons why I became fascinated with buying a Kindle, as I read three languages, and for one of them I often need a dictionary. I used to have to have a dictionary handy, put the book on the table, open the dictionary, put the dictionary on the table, open the book again, etc. It’s too bad if you find you have 3 or 4 words on a page. Now there is nothing easier!

* It has a web browser that you can use for basic searches. It’s a bit slow so you won’t be surfing the web unnecessarily. But if you need it, you have it.

* In this case, you will not have any other distractions other than reading, unlike a tablet. Here you read and point. Social media, calls or any type of updates or alerts leave you alone 😉

* You have access to the Amazon Kindle online store, so since Kindle is Wi-Fi enabled, you can buy and download books directly from your Kindle without the need for another device. This is fine, though I admit that I prefer to look for books in a store from my computer or tablet due to the ease of use of the internet they offer, compared to the Kindle, which is definitely not designed for the internet. , although you can do so.

* Kindle allows you to create reading sheets, which is very useful for students or if you are working with books from which you plan to extract information for use elsewhere. How it works? With Kindle, you have a pen (just like in tablet apps). You can then export the ones you’ve bookmarked to a Word file and use it anywhere. This can be done directly from the Kindle, but some publishers limit extraction to a percentage of the book. However, if you’re exporting from your Amazon account to a specific management section of your Kindle, you won’t have this limitation. Problem solved.

* Little do they know, but you can send a PDF document directly to your Kindle via email and convert it to Kindle format at the same time, allowing you to use it with dictionaries, highlighter, underline export, etc. Your Kindle has its own unique email address. Email the document to your Kindle with “Convert” in the subject line and you’re done, you’ll have the converted document in your Kindle library without further manipulation.

* You will be able to find all the words that you looked up in the dictionary in the book in certain tabs that you can manage. In other words, you will automatically have a revision card for a new dictionary that you open, search for in a foreign language book that you open and read. Super practical to repeat learned words, right?!

* Kindle records the time, the time you have left to finish the chapter you are reading, the time you have left to finish the whole book, the number of pages already read and the percentage of the book read. All of this information is very helpful, especially the time left until the end of a chapter, as I don’t like to stop between two chapters so I can judge if I have time to read a chapter or not. Still, the time is very useful, especially if you read at night. Oops, it’s already two in the morning, I need to turn it off…

* You can choose character size, character type or line spacing. It will give you a comfort that no traditional book will give you. This will be especially very useful, for example, for people suffering from presbyopia. If this is your case, you will be much less tired from reading and then you can read more, more often and for longer.

* You will no longer need to buy new shelves to place your books. They will always be at your disposal anywhere in the world and at any time if you need one of them. Of course, on the other hand, if you want to get smart by showing your visitors what an incredible reader you are, it will be less impressive to take out your Kindle to show them your digital library than to leave them amazed in front of a whole wall of books…

* By purchasing a Kindle, you are helping the environment by preventing trees from being sacrificed to satisfy your reading appetite. Maybe you don’t care, but for me it was also an argument in favor of the Kindle. I can read without destroying. I think it’s something positive.

* Anyway, I will mention that e-books are generally much cheaper than physical books. Even many classics are free on Amazon. Once you buy a Kindle, reading will cost you less.

This concludes my long list of benefits that I have found in this product. So you dare?

If you sign up for Amazon Prime, you’ll have a 30-day free trial (after €49.90 per year) to take advantage of free fast shipping, priority access to offers, services like Prime Video, Prime Music, and unlimited photo storage . Plus, if you’re a student, getting Prime Student status costs half as much and you have a 90-day trial. You can also try services like Kindle Unlimited or Audible for free for 30 days.

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