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Based on the fact that the disorder is a source of stress and anxiety, This has a negative effect on concentration and mood, office furniture specialists help us clean up the working environment and increase productivity.

(Are you a confident person? Here’s how you might know, according to Harvard)

It’s clear that a chaotic work environment affects both our emotional and physical health.

It is proven that having everything in its place in the workplace, promotes professional well-being and self-esteem by reducing stress and anxiety. An organized, clean and comfortable space is much more productive, promotes concentration and ultimately increases creativity and efficiency.

For all these reasons, it is very important to properly care for your workplace, a place where we spend many hours a day and where we need to feel comfortable.

Marie Kondo applied for a job?

In fact, this is not about applying the method of the famous order guru Maria Kondo to writing and not about excessive rigor, since everyone manages their workspace in their own way, but there are a number of recommendations that can be applied in practice to improve it., a printer consumables company, offers the following ideas for maintaining a well-organized work environment:

Constant cleaning. Regular cleaning in the workplace helps to prevent and improve health because we avoid germs and bacteria. Tip: Clean drawers, shelves, and the bottom of your desk at least once a week.

It will also help evaluate the materials we have and decide which ones are essential for work and which ones we can do without in our daily lives.

Down with the trash! Pens that don’t work anymore, piles of staples, an old stapler… It’s about throwing out the stuff and putting everything back where it belongs, making our space look cleaner, we’ll have more freedom of movement, and we’ll feel more comfortable.

One of the most effective ways to do this cleaning is to make two groups: in the first we will put everything that we do not need and what we have accumulated over time; and secondly, the essentials to carry out our daily work.

Unnecessary papers. The famous “papers” that pile up on tables are one of the things that “eat up” our space the most. You should go through all the documents and keep only the really important ones. It is necessary to overcome “just in case” and throw away, without hesitation, all unnecessary papers. We live in the digital age and we can scan and save all important documents digitally. So no papers.

In order of relevance. After the sieve is ready, it’s time to arrange everything in drawers, cabinets, shelves or auxiliary furniture. You must keep close to what used habitually, and place the rest in more secluded places so that they do not interfere.

Each object must thisR associated with a particular place, this way it will be much easier to find them. We can also label them to determine where each element is located.

vertical storage. This is one of the main principles of creating a much more comfortable and positive environment. Vertical storage is one of the most efficient ways to make the most of space.

Using filing cabinets or shelves with storage drawers helps store more items without limiting the horizontal space required for movement. All these storage solutions such as tablet cabinets, folders, different types of filing cabinets, magazine racks, drawers and storage boxes will help us move more comfortably.

Digital cleaning. Open your computer and make your desktop look like a “strewn field” of documents and folders. Not only is this unsightly, but it makes things difficult to find, inefficient, and stressful. Useless and obsolete folders should be deleted. Group documents and files and save the folders that we don’t use daily to an external hard drive.

It’s also a good idea to empty your email tray by deleting the oldest ones and classifying the ones you want to keep by sender or subject. For this task, it is best to resort to digital storage systems to store all sorts of documents.

Manage cables. To get a clean desk, we need good cable management. You can use cable organizers, clips and anything that allows you to hide the cables as much as possible. There are tricks like placing an extension under the table so that they are not visible.

ORNo individual approach. An organized desk is not synonymous with an empty and lifeless desk. You can add a personal touch something that makes us happy when we look at it like a photograph, a plant, a memory, or other objects that make us feel comfortable. We can also include elements to take care of our health while we work as wrist rest or footrest.

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