It looks like the Raspberry Pi is coming out of the crisis, although it may be too late

Up to 1 million Raspberry Pis can be produced per month, which will help reduce the huge demand built up during all these months of low availability.

Modders, computer enthusiasts, or the curious have used the Raspberry Pi for a variety of projects, projects that have grown over time, including requirements for one of these small boards.

But the semiconductor crisis and other market problems mean that getting Raspberry Pi almost impossible in 2022, although things are improving in 2023.

However, the first three months of 2023 were not rosy, when it was still very difficult to find affordable units of different versions of the Raspberry Pi, unless exorbitant prices were paid, which could triple the original cost.

But one of those responsible for the Raspberry Pi, Eben Uptonpromised a few months ago that the production of this mini pc Specifically, it was set to improve, hitting a steady 1 million units as of July, and it looks like they’ll be in line with estimates.

While only 800,000 units were distributed in the first quarter of 2023, considered “the worst quarter since 2015”, that figure rose to 600,000 units in May and nearly 800,000 units in June.

Acceleration of production

It is currently estimated that we will finally reach 1 million Raspberry Pi units manufactured and distributed in July, which should reduce the huge demand for current and past orders that are still on hold.

And the fact is that with the rapid recovery of the supply of silicon chips, it will be possible to have more components and produce more Raspberry Pi units.

In fact, more and more shops have Raspberry Pi devices available for purchase, and if they run out, they will be replenished faster.

Thus, you will be able to purchase your long-awaited Raspberry Pi mini PC in the second tranche of 2023 without too much difficulty and without having to triple its price as it was before.

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