it becomes more and more difficult to choose it as the best taxi option

One of the most commonly used arguments for choosing a taxi alternative as a means of transportation is that an Uber ride can travel the same route at a lower cost, in addition to the fact that it is possible. know the driver in advance

It becomes more and more difficult to maintain this reasoning, as over time the platform has undergone various increaseswhich is no longer an advantage. This was testified by the CEO of Uber himself, who was surprised to learn the real price for short distances.

Even the CEO doesn’t know how much rides cost

The case at hand involves both Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and Wired’s Steve Levy, who had to travel from downtown New York to the West Side to meet with the manager. en route 4.75 km. Levy asked the CEO to estimate the cost of the trip, which he calculated was about $20 but was actually $51.69, yes, including tips.

Revealing the final price, the person in charge of Uber only exclaimed:oh god wow“. In accordance with business insiderthis was not the first price shown on the app because the first contact asked him to pay another 20 dollarswhich Khosrowshahi wanted to justify with bad weather and possible traffic, but Levy reported that it was “sunny day“and there weren’t many cars on the streets to justify it.

However, the Uber CEO redeemed himself by stating that “everything has risen in price where inflation has become part of everyday lifeKhosrowshahi also said that most of the fee goes directly to the driver, and earnings per week are increased between 40 and 50% in the last four years, something positive, as it was about payback time and labor costs.

Uber rates and raises

In accordance with New York TimesUber price increased almost 100%only between 2018 and 2021, and even though cost cuts were promised at the end, the opposite is true due to lack of drivers and inflation.

However, the most noteworthy point is how the office can take into account the percentages and benefits that the service has for the staff, but little about how much the service actually costs, showing that this type of CEO Disconnected from your own companywith an unexpected reaction to reality.

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