In the second quarter of 2023, DApp Cardano transactions increased by 49% and TVL (in USD) by 10% compared to the previous quarter.

Blockchain analytics firm On August 4, 2023, Messari published a comprehensive analysis of the achievements and developments that took place in the Cardano ecosystem in the second quarter of this year.highlighting the growth of this blockchain platform in terms of transactions and the increase in value locked by DeFi protocols in its ecosystem.

According to Messari, In the second quarter, the Cardano ecosystem grew by 49% in dApps (decentralized applications) transactions and 10% in TVL (in US dollars) compared to the first quarter of the year.

More importantly, the ecosystem has diversified with new protocols that contribute significantly to various activity metrics.. Multi-chain solutions such as the Hydra Head sidechain and Milkomeda C1 continue to evolve and aim to support future growth in activity, whether in the DeFi sector or in the gaming sector.

Key Metrics and Network Performance

An analysis of Cardano’s key metrics in the second quarter provides a detailed view of its performance. While the average transaction fee for the quarter increased by 8.5%, daily active addresses decreased by 4.0%. This can be interpreted as an indication of less activity, but the story is more complex. Despite the decrease in active addresses, the number of daily transactions increased by 1.9%, which indicates a higher involvement of ordinary users.

Another highlight is the load on the blockchain, which increased from 40% in the first quarter to 50% in the second quarter. This increase in load is indicative of increased network usage, although there is still room for improvement in terms of transactions per second (TPS) and throughput.

The role of ADA in the ecosystem

Cardano’s native token, ADA, plays multiple roles in the ecosystem. In addition to calculating network fees, ADA is also used to register stake groups and participate in network management.

Project Catalyst, a decentralized innovation initiative, uses ADA to reward voters and fund projects. Despite a 26.9% price decline in the second quarter, ADA’s value has risen 12.0% year-to-date, highlighting its usefulness and resilience in the market.

Ecosystem in growth and diversification

The Cardano ecosystem showed solid growth and diversification in the second quarter. Decentralized applications (dApp) daily transactions have increased by an impressive 49%, with projects like Minswap leading the way. Minswap, an automated liquidity marketplace, posted a 167.5% quarterly transaction growth and has become a notable player in the Cardano DeFi space.

The total value locked (TVL) on the network also increased by 9.7%. despite the ADA price drop. This increase is a testament to the usefulness and credibility of the platform. In addition, the growing adoption of stablecoins has further strengthened the Cardano ecosystem, laying a solid foundation for liquidity and stability.

One of the most exciting aspects of Q2 has been the progress made on Cardano and sidechain interoperability. Projects such as Milkomeda C1, Midnight, and Wanchain are working to create interoperability solutions that will bring more flexibility and new features within the Cardano ecosystem. The introduction of tools and technologies for creating custom sidechains holds the promise of further innovation and adoption on the network.

Based on a PoS consensus mechanism and launched in 2017, Cardano has taken a unique approach to its development that is different from other smart contract platforms.

His step-by-step roadmap, marked by careful and measured steps, aims to ensure the security, scalability and resilience of decentralized applications and systems.

It is important to note that smart contracts were only introduced in 2021, more than four years after the launch of the network. The adoption of the Unspent Transaction Accounting (eUTXO) model has made native token transfers, scalability, and decentralization possible. This approach has fueled the growth of Cardano and its entry into more traditional cryptocurrency markets, including DeFi and NFT.

With significant progress in key metrics, DApp adoption, and interoperability projects, Cardano is proving its worth in the competitive world of cryptocurrencies. As the network continues to grow and evolve, it will be interesting to see how its story unfolds in the coming quarters and years.

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