Impact of wellness initiatives on BBVA staff

Last year, the financial institution stepped up measures aimed at the well-being and health of its employees. Initiatives that already help employees in areas as broad as sleep quality, early detection of genetic diseases, or mental health.

The continuous improvement of working environment conditions is one of the principles that contributes most tothe safety, health and well-being of people, and suggests a positive impact on the commitment of the company’s employees and their productivity. “At BBVA, we understand wellness as a combination of financial health, physical and mental health, and managerial leadership that, together with purpose, culture, and professional development tools, help us increase team commitment, the key to success. HR strategy at BBVA”, explains Aracely Moratoresponsible for occupational health at BBVA.

The financial institution has identified a number of changes that its employees have experienced in recent years in the way they view their work, in their needs and preferences. “Currently, wages are not the only motivation for a person when choosing or retaining a job. There are other factors that are becoming more and more important, elements that help them grow both personally and professionallyand which are not part of the economic reward, but have a direct impact on the quality of life at work and in the family,” he adds.

This concept of emotional pay is not the same for all people, but varies depending on what each one values ​​and prioritizes based on their needs and context. AND professional and personal well-being is becoming increasingly important in this domain. “We see how employees begin to take a holistic view of their professional and personal lives and require organizations to support them in this regard. For this reason, it is important to focus on initiatives that allow them to achieve this goal and help them get quality rest, work on stress or anxiety management,” he states.

Improve physical and mental health

For all these reasons, since the end of 2022, BBVA has launched a wellness program that is already producing significant results. More than 10,000 employees took part in emotion management conferencesamong which the conferences of the psychiatrist Marian Rojas Estape, Dr. Mario Alonso Puig or the neuroscientist Nazareth Castellanos stand out. Another program that has had the greatest impact is sleep hygiene course, after which 64% of participants said they increased the number of hours of sleep and/or improve its quality. Another 1,000 employees have taken part in anxiety conferences led by experts from the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, ​​around 900 have taken part in Sanitas laugh therapy workshops, and “knitting” already has a community of 600 employees who have found a way to dot and to knit. switch off and take care of the mind.

We listened to employees a lot to find out their problems and provide them with the tools that can help them the most. We understand that if the employees are doing well, they will work better, and if they do their job better, then they will do well, like a fish that bites its own tail,” emphasizes Morato. Among the aspects the bank most wanted to take care of was mental health.with the launch of a 24-hour psychological support service, which includes free and anonymous telephone and online help for all employees and their immediate family members. This service conducted more than 550 consultations in the first six months of its life.with a recommendation rate of over 90%.


Global consulting firm Intrama has selected the top 21 Spanish companies in terms of corporate wealth, including BBVA. “The people who make up BBVA are the main asset of the bank. I am honored to be part of this list of companies committed to the wellbeing of their employees,” says Susana Lopez, Head of Employee Wellbeing at BBVA. .

In the physical health section, the bank has focused its efforts on providing services for early prevention of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease or stroke. Among the most differentiated alternatives is the possibility for research staff to conduct genetic analysis of hereditary cardiovascular diseases for the purpose of early intervention in health conditions. In this study, launched with the Quirón Group, 1173 employees took part. BBVA also launched a colorectal cancer screening campaign for all employees over 45 years of age, diagnosing pathologies at an early stage.

In addition, seminars were held on first aid, talks on migraine in collaboration with the European Migraine and Headache Alliance, and on food, nutrition and intestinal microbiota with the Autonomous University of Madrid, as well as dietitian consultations available to staff on an individual basis. okay. . “We want torespond holistically to various concerns related to the well-being of our employees. For BBVA, labor is the best asset and for this reason we are trying to find the best offer,” explains Morato. “We have a constant dialogue with employees, and they have conveyed to us good reception of all emotional health programs. After all, these are activities that are beneficial for them and that they can apply on a personal and professional level. It also has benefits in terms of a sense of ownership and commitment to the workforce,” he concludes.

“Podcast”: a work environment that cares about the physical and emotional health of the employee.

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