If the AirPods 4 will be like this, I will buy them with my head

Time flies faster and faster, and the third-generation AirPods are proof of that. The third generation of AirPods was introduced two years ago, when a non-annual renewal product reaches a critical point between benefits, competitiveness and market value. Therefore, according to the public 9to5Mac, Apple will already be working on the launch of the fourth generation AirPods. We’re about to give you the details of a product that the AirPods Pro will have nothing to envy.

Since the release of the first generation of AirPods in 2016, Apple has been expanding the number of segments and variants of this device in order to further increase market share and offer its users the ideal product. The AirPods 3 are one of the best value for money headphones as they were above the second generation AirPods and a very small step up from Apple’s most expensive TWS headphones, the AirPods Pro.

AirPods 4, new design?

“Impressed” is the word I said when I heard my AirPods with MagSafe charging case, when I first heard these Apple earphones, especially since they were the second generation AirPods that are far behind the competition in price today.

AirPods 3

The first generation of AirPods introduced an updated design that inherits elements of the first generation AirPods and third generation AirPods. Following this theme, Apple kept the design of the AirPods for two generations in all its variables, so we will definitely keep same design for AirPods 4.

As we said earlier, many of the elements that were included in this generation of AirPods are taken from the first generation of AirPods, which means that Apple will repeat the game again by inheriting elements from the second generation of AirPods Pro.

new processor

One of the aspects that is most highlighted in the report presented by 9to5Mac is that the fourth generation AirPods include the AirPods Pro chip. In particular, we are referring to the H2 chip, a much more advanced chip than its H1 predecessor. In addition, this new chip will include improvements designed for the Apple Vision Pro as Apple wants to create its own ecosystem under the axis of the most revolutionary product of the Tim Cook era.

airfield box 3

Returning to that H2 chip, Apple says that this chip delivers “an exceptional acoustic experience” when combined with the new low-distortion sound driver and custom amplifier in the AirPods Pro. Therefore, the new generation will deliver richer bass and cleaner sound over a larger frequency range. , due to the already mentioned H2. This generation promises a lot.

The battery will also benefit from this processor as it will mean an hour and a half longer run time, which will also be boosted by the new Bluetooth 5.3 sensor, a much more efficient sensor. This can cause your AirPods to run from 5 hours to 6.5 hours.

Finally, the new chip will include improvements to personalized spatial audio, faster pairing (already pretty good) and device switching, and battery health information thanks to the aforementioned new processor introduced with AirPods.Pro.

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