“I don’t think we are the ones who generate the universal basic income”

Key facts:
  • Ricardo Maceira says governments need to be involved to ensure a basic income.

  • Several government agencies are investigating Worldcoin and questioning its legality.

“I don’t think we are the ones that generate a universal basic income,” said Ricardo Maceira, general manager for Europe at Tools For Humanity, the company behind the Worldcoin project.

Worldcoin is an organization founded by Sam Altman (co-author of ChatGPT) that provides compensation in the amount of 25 Worldcoin tokens (WLD), which is equivalent to approximately $50 (at time of publication) for those undergoing facial and iris biometric scans. After that, week after week, he gives them 1 WLD ($2).

One of the characteristics of the project is that the delivery of the token aims to show the way to a potential universal basic income. To date, more than 2 million people have been scanned worldwide. Many of them register with the motivation to receive this income constantly.

However, this is what now seems to be in question. Maceira stated that The organization considers it necessary that the infrastructure should allow “governments or other organizations” to generate this basic income..

The contractor also explained that companies can pay Worldcoin to use their digital identity system. “For example, if a coffee shop wants to give everyone a free coffee, then Worldcoin technology could be used to prevent people from ordering more than one coffee without the store having to collect personal data.”

The intention of the organization is that as additional infrastructure is built, third parties will use this technology.

The technology developed by Worldcoin is based on a special device called “Orb” (orbe in Spanish), which is used to scan the iris of the eye. unique and inimitable biological footprint.

Worldcoin causes concern in several countries

While Worldcoin intends for the States to turn on the project and join the collaboration, users’ iris scans have raised concerns in several countries such as Germany, France, and Kenya, and its legality is being assessed, according to CriptoNoticias. .

Kenya has banned Worldcoin from operating on its territory. The government believes there is potential public safety risks is associated with the project and is working to determine if a platform with these characteristics can operate freely in that country or not.

The French data protection agency is questioning whether the collection of biometric data by the Altman-led organization is legally allowed.

Germany is also studying the project. Michael Will, Chairman of the Bavarian State Data Protection Supervisory Authority, has raised concerns about the security of the data collected by Worldcoin.

According to a report prepared by CriptoNoticias based on information provided by the company itself, with Worldcoin there are risks of data leakagehacking and misuse of information.

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