How to schedule a WhatsApp message from iPhone

Thanks to the iPhone Shortcuts app, you can schedule WhatsApp messages.

How to schedule a WhatsApp message from iPhone

we are going to explain how to easily schedule whatsapp message from iphone. Although the instant messaging app does not natively have this capability, the truth is that we can do it thanks to the iPhone and its app. labelsspecifically we will do it with your automation.

And that’s what thanks to automation We can do incredible things, like dramatically increase our iPhone’s battery life, or automatically set an alarm every day so we never forget it. This time, like we told you, we’re going to tell you how to schedule a whatsapp message on iphone.

Here’s how to schedule a WhatsApp message on iPhone

As we have already told you to perform this simple trick we will use the iPhone Shortcuts app. With a few taps, you’ll set up your automation to be able to send WhatsApp messages at the right time without doing anything. To do this, you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. We open the application labels on our iPhone.
  2. Click on section Automation Bottom.
  3. We are creating a new personal automation.
  4. we choose Times of Day like air conditioning.
  5. We choose the times and days we want our automation to work.
  6. In the action finder we are looking for Text.
  7. Inside the action, we write the message we want to send.
  8. In the action finder we are looking for whatsapp.
  9. Touching the blue button inside the action send a message.
  10. We are joining the action contacts from within the action.
  11. Select a contact.
  12. We display an arrow and deactivate the option show on the run.
  13. Deactivate execution confirmation Or we indicate that we want it to run immediately if we are on iOS 17.
Automation for whatsapp

This is what whatsapp scheduling automation looks like

And ready. We have already set up our automation to have the iPhone send a WhatsApp message at the time you set automatically. If you don’t want this to happen again, you can visit the automation list and remove it by swiping left and then clicking Eliminate.

Another option to schedule a WhatsApp message from iPhone is to choose a place as a trigger for this automation. We just have to do the same, but in step four we choose Arrival or Upon exit like a trigger. As you can see, the Shortcuts app on our iPhone offers us a whole world of possibilities.

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