How to avoid becoming a victim of cyber attacks using artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a new challenge for security teams in companies. (hide)

A lot of cybercriminals They started using artificial intelligence to create attacks, steal information and deceive users and companies.

Thus, in attacks social engineering exploited the weakest link: the human factor. AI, combined with machine learning and information from social networks, allows you to go on the offensive.

“Defending against these methods requires rigorous internal training and bot identity management based on high-quality AI-powered tools to proactively detect and combat attacks. This is very important in our time. run simulations new services to anticipate possible attacks,” said Gabriel Croci, director of information security at Tata Consultancy Services.

The ingenuity of artificial intelligence has allowed attackers to create fake images, audio, video and other files using publicly available information from social networks. This puts a new level of risk into the IT security landscape, which has become increasingly complex in recent years.

Artificial intelligence is a new challenge for security teams in companies. (hide)

To start with a protection plan, companies need to establish protection policies that give workers the tools to avoid being scammed and the focus of attacks.

This proactive approach prevents surprises and protects the reputation of organizations and their data.

“Top managers and heads of business units should actively engage in business security, not only in terms of investments, but also the implementation of the best strategies and processes,” the expert explained.

While AI is a useful tool for cybercriminalsit’s also for safety circuits, and with “adequate data feeding and continuous learning, AI can detect anomalies and counteract with corrective actions.”

To do this, companies must have a clear understanding of the regulatory framework in the countries in which they operate and train their AI systems to meet operational and safety standards.

Until 2023, data privacy was a top concern for companies, according to Croci. This makes it even more important to have a security structure and a team that does this, because not only workers can open the door to attack, but also devices.

“You have to be careful with the production line and industrial devices that the company works with. Attackers can easily infiltrate systems through devices that are installed on an organization’s internal network, without security controls in place or with outdated operating systems, both on-premise and in the cloud,” he commented.

Artificial intelligence is a new challenge for security teams in companies. (hide)

One of the first steps that many companies take is to seek help from outside parties, as they are not companies with big budgets or the right staff to protect your information. This would be an ideal way to create solutions to respond to attacks using artificial intelligence.

Finally, companies are encouraged to be aware of their vendors or partners with whom they exchange information, as they are generally not seen as an extension of the organization and can be a vehicle for cyber attack. Thus, these operations also need to be controlled and adapted to what the company itself does.

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