How do I know if they are spying on my cell phone camera, a modality known as camfecting

Phones usually consume more power when trying to access the camera. (hide)

spying through camera mobile phone is a very common form of attack used cybercriminals. With this modality, you can take pictures of victims and post extortion or dangerous content.

Brands have been looking lately for ways to protect users, but attackers are finding other ways to bypass these barriers and not generate visible alerts that notify users that they are seeing them through their cell phone cameras.

This type of espionage is known as camping and there are several measures to find out if we are a victim of this type of attack.

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Phones usually consume more power when trying to access the camera. (hide)

Finding out that someone is spying on our cell phone camera can be a difficult task, as cyber spies often operate in stealth and covertly. However, there are some signs that may indicate the presence of an attack:

– Abnormal device behaviorA: If you notice that your phone is behaving strangely, such as frequent crashes, system slowdowns, or apps that open or close unexpectedly, this may be a sign that something is wrong.

Excessive battery consumption: Malicious applications that access the camera in an unauthorized manner may consume a significant amount of power, which may cause the battery to drain quickly.

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– Unusual heatingA: It is possible that the cell phone gets hotter than usual because it requires more power and the battery cannot cool properly due to the number of processes at the same time.

– Strange lights or indicators: If the camera light blinks or lights up for no apparent reason, someone may be controlling your phone’s camera.

– Unexpected camera usage: If the camera activates without our opening, this is a clear sign that someone may be eavesdropping.

It is important to note that these symptoms can also be caused by other factors such as technical issues or device malfunction. Therefore, it is always advisable to conduct further investigation before drawing any definitive conclusions.

Phones usually consume more power when trying to access the camera. (hide)

Many of these attacks are caused by the mistakes of users who use their mobile phone poorly or do not care about security when accessing a site on the Internet. So, to prevent cybercriminals from teaching our camera, here are some tips:

– Keep software updatedA: It is imperative that the operating system is the latest possible version and the same for applications because updates usually include security fixes.

– Manage app permissionsA: You should regularly check the permissions of applications on your mobile phone and deactivate those that do not need access to the camera.

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– Avoid unsecured public Wi-Fi networks.: It’s always best to only use trusted networks and avoid insecure public connections that can make it easier for unauthorized access to your device.

– Download apps from trusted sources– It is better to use only official app stores and avoid downloading apps from unknown sources as they may contain malware or wrong permissions.

– Physically close the camera: this is a radical option that many choose. With cases with small camera covers that can protect us, although not everyone likes such a cover.

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