How daytime sleep affects our weight

There is some faith what if we take a nap affects and causes an increase in our weight, But it shouldn’t be like this, yeah we do it correctly and consciously so as not to harm ourselves, it will not only not affect us in this case, but that we will improve other aspects of our body. Now, so that there is no increase our fatnot that dream must exceed 30 minutesbecause during this period there is no various metabolic processeswhich can increase our weight and concentrate fat in certain areas that we do not want.

How was it proven?

According to research carried out Allegheny College of Pennsylvania and published in a scientific journal in International Journal of Behavioral Medicine30 minutes sleep reduces blood pressure and heart rateand following the recommendations of the Spanish Cardiac Agency, can make a huge contribution benefit if they are performed correctly and only for resthow to reduce different cardiovascular problems or improve our mood.

If due to strength put on weight, you didn’t take a napwhich can improve our vitality. You don’t have to worry since a light sleep of about 30 minutes will not affect not at all to the presence of more fat in our body. And of course this dream so repair it will be very good for you to continue all activities or work that you have planned for the rest of the dayand make them more comfortable.

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