Hide photos in Google Photos so only you can see them

When you lose your phone, it gets stolen, or it stops working, among the things you miss out on are photos and videos What do you store in it? Be it images taken by you or received via WhatsApp or Telegram. And they not only have emotional value. sometimes the result too personal for someone to see. Luckily, if you’re an Android user, you can hide photos in Google Photos and protect them with your fingerprint or other security measure.

For some time now on Android, Google Photos has become the default app for manage your photos and videos. Thereby adding the possibility sync your content to the cloud Google and keep your images safe. And available on all your devices that support Google Photos.

On the other hand, Google Photos has increasingly advanced editing features and allows you to create shared albums to share and create among friends or family. But it also has a privacy component. You only share what you want. Moreover, there is content that you can hide even from whoever access to your own phone.

Hide Photos in Google Photos

Google explains it this way. “Maybe save your private photos and videos in the Google Photos app folder protected by your device’s screen lock. Items in a locked folder do not appear in the Grid, Memories, Search, or Photos albums. not available in other applications your device that have access to your photos and videos.”

In other words, thanks to a personal folder or a locked Google Photos folder, you can have a virtual safe in which keep your most private photos and videos safe. Something that was only available on Pixel devices, but has slowly been rolled out to all Android phones. The only requirement is Android 6 or higher installed.

Hide Photos in Google Photos

Activate private folder to hide photos

To hide your photos in Google Photos, you will need to activate a locked folder or a private folder. You will find it in Library from Google Photos, within utilitiesunder the name personal folder. To use it, you will need to set it up beforehand. In return, you will keep those photos and videos. They won’t be a part Backups And they will be deleted if you delete Google Photos.

Basically you have to follow wizard instructions. You’ll be prompted to select a screen lock method if it’s not already set up. Depending on the make and model of your Android device, you can use a passcode, PIN, pattern, fingerprint, or face recognition.

After activating a personal folder, you will always find it in Library > Utilities > Organize Library > Personal Folder. And to get into it, you will need to use the method you chose earlier to unlock it.

For security reasons, images in the personal folder can only be seen get out of there or get out. If you want to do something else, like edit them or create albums, you’ll need to move them out of your personal folder in order to do so.

Hide Photos in Google Photos

Move your photos and videos to a private folder

After turning on the private folder, you can now hide photos in Google Photos. You can do this directly from your personal folder. When it is empty, a button will appear indicating move objects. And when you fill it out, you only need to click on the button top right iconin photo form to add more photos and videos to your private collection.

To move photos and videos from Google Photos, just open this content and select the option Move to personal folder from the list of available options. Or, directly, long press on one or more imagesclick the dropdown menu at the top right and select an option Move to personal folder.

if you have a phone Pixel 3 or neweryou can send photos and videos directly to your personal folder from the app Camera. To do this, open the application and click on Photo gallery > Personal folder. Then take a photo or record the video you want. When finished, they will go straight to that folder.

And finally, in order to move photos and videos that you have or download from other applications, you will first have to, send them to Google Photos from the menu Share to send them from there to a personal folder.

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