Here’s how they can spoof this without you knowing it online via a “typo”.

Cybersquatting, also known as “cybersquatting”, has topped the list of online fraud methods used by attackers. This practice It consists of registering fraudulent domains that are similar to the original and legitimate domains of companies in order to deceive users and obtain illegal benefits.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, around 6,000 cybersquatting complaints were filed during 2022, up 10% from the previous year.

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One of the methods most commonly used by cybercriminals is a “typo” or typo. This technique takes users to other web pages than the one they were looking for due to errors when entering the URL in the browser.. According to the National Institute for Cyber ​​Security (INCIBE), this happens when users make typos when writing an address.

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In addition to typos, victims can access these fraudulent pages through misleading links as part of phishing attacks embedded in emails.

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Cybercriminals use various methods to carry out this type of fraud. One of them is register a domain similar to the company’s domain, but with a different extension. For example, in Spain, where “.es” and “.com” domains are common, “hackers” use extensions such as “.cam” or “.club” to trick them into believing they belong to a legitimate company.

Another common tactic is substitute or insert letters in the domain so that it resembles the original. For example, an “email” might have the sender “”, making users think it came from Movistar, but they actually changed the “m” to “rn”.

According to the IT security group of Telefónica Tech’s acens, these fraudulent campaigns affect a large number of victims, as 60% of users do not pay attention to the URL domain extension. This resulted in 90% of Spanish organizations being successfully hit by a “phishing” attack.

To protect against such attacks, companies are encouraged to register domains that are similar to the original ones with spelling errors to prevent fraudulent use. It is also important to raise user awareness so that they can recognize these types of cheats and know how to deal with them. In addition, the use of anti-spoofing and secure email technologies can help detect and prevent sources of malicious attacks.

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