Healthy Diet: What is the Pegan Diet, a Paleo-Vegan Blend That Helps You Lose Weight

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In Spain we have all the ballots to eat in
healthy due to the fact that the weather conditions of our country turn it into a huge orchard. The Mediterranean diet is one of the most popular
nutritionists and more recently, the benefits of other types of diet, such as the Nordic or Atlantic diet, have become known, which are mainly based on eating everything, but in a greater proportion of one or another food group, depending on the area in which this type of food is found. diet.

And that’s what’s for
lose weight It’s not healthy to eat miracle diets that restrict a lot of foods to reduce intake.
calories but they are unacceptable in the long run. A healthy diet may not be as fast, but you can make it a lifestyle. This is how we got to
pegan or pegan dieta type of diet that incorporates the best of the vegan diet and the paleo diet.

What is diega pegan or pegan made of?

vegan diet Take fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes to and from
paleo diet animal products such as meat, fish and eggs. Of course, the latter in a smaller proportion, only 25% of the total consumption. An important feature of this diet is that it does not use or recommend any foods.

Of course, despite being one of the most complete diets in existence today, the truth is that the pasty diet is off limits.
lactic and cereals with
gluten due to its possible inflammatory power, which nutritionists disagree with unless you suffer from some sort of diagnosed intolerance.

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Benefits of the Pegan or Pegan Diet

The benefits of this type of diet are the same as the rest.
healthy eatingbecause they exclude ultra-processed products and are based on the consumption of good quality raw materials, based on the consumption
fruits and vegetables and maintaining adequate protein intake as well as using healthy cooking fats such as olive oil.

Thus, this type of diet minimizes the intake
Sahara and as a consequence of all this
triglycerideslevels of glucose and cholesterol in the blood are regulated, which even results in better sleep and a feeling of alertness throughout the day.

What’s wrong with not including gluten-laden dairy and cereals in your diet?

In principle, it is not recommended to limit any group of products without contacting a specialist. If you train your body not to consume
lactose and gluten free intolerance, it is possible that later, if you decide to re-introduce them, you will need a period
adaptation so your body can process it again.

But besides this shortcoming,
Diega Pegan It is balanced despite not including these two food groups. Nutrients we can get through dairy products such as
calciumwe can find it in other foods such as green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds or legumes.

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As for cereals, allowing
whole grain gluten freeIt shouldn’t be a problem either. Grains such as wheat, barley, rye, oats, or spelt are excluded, but you can eat others instead, such as
rice, buckwheat, quinoa or corn. These foods will provide you with essential micronutrients and will regulate blood glucose levels as well as intestinal transit.

By limiting my intake of animal products, will I have problems with my protein intake?

There is nothing further from reality. On the one hand, since this diet allows for a moderate presence
squirrels meat, fish and eggs, but on the other hand, because you can also eat legumes, nuts, seeds and cereals such as quinoa, which are also
protein food in itself.

It is true that legumes contain
antinutrients (substances that can block the absorption of certain nutrients), but methods
soaking or sprouting they destroy these substances, so you can continue to enjoy their benefits without taking on their disadvantages.

So, generally speaking,
pegan or pegan diet healthy and can help you
lose weight in the long term through a balanced diet that is dominated by plant-based foods and healthy fats. You may not get bikini surgery this year, but your body and your health will thank you.

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