Grants approved for 700 new medical places at public universities, 15% more

Madrid, 25 July (EFE). — On Tuesday, the government approved a royal decree regulating the provision of 52 million euros to fund more than 700 new seats in the Faculty of Medicine at Spanish public universities, representing an increase of 15%.

At a press conference following the Council of Ministers meeting, Ministerial Spokesperson Isabel Rodríguez said the measure is intended to help increase the availability of health workers in the long term and reduce the shortage of health workers.

Rodriguez explained that this aid aims to strengthen public universities after an increase in the number of private university graduates is found.

This is a measure agreed with the communities that have jurisdiction in this area. “The government encourages autonomy in such competition as healthcare,” the minister said.

This Royal Decree, in the opinion of the Government, responds to the needs of supply and the need for specialists published by the Ministry of Health in a report of March 2021 with a horizon up to 2035, and which confirms the insufficient number of medical graduates and the need for some specialties such as family and community medicine.

Rodriguez recalled that this shortfall is a consequence of the long cuts in public MIR offerings between 2011 and 2018, although he elaborated that since 2018 “there has been a policy of reversing these cuts, accompanying the Autonomous Communities in increasing MIR positions and in emergency measures such as active retirement.”

This year, the minister emphasized, there was the largest public offer of seats, up to 11,600 seats were approved at the last call.


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