Google Docs replaces Tinder and becomes an alternative to finding a partner

The text app has become a safer alternative to finding appointments. (Freepik)

To search for a partner on the Internet, not only social networks and dating applications are used, now there is an alternative: Google docs. And although this application is not designed for this kind of service, users took it upon themselves to find a way to use it and created a trend. Documents “Date with me”.

Instead of relying on applications like Tinderpeople access documents from concept or Google Docs create your own love program, according to the New York Times.

In these files, they openly disclose their interests, expectations, and desires as a couple, and then share the document on their social networks so that any interested party can access it and contact them directly.

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Connie Lee, a software engineer, is one of the proponents of this practice. After a bad experience with dating apps, she decided to create her own Date-Me document and share it with the world.

In her paper, Lee describes her interests, personality, and what she is looking for in a relationship. She stated that since she created her file in 2022, she had 15 dates with men who contacted her in this way.

The text app has become a safer alternative to finding appointments. (hide)
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This approach contrasts with the dynamics of dating apps like Tinderwhere the interactions are usually of short duration and based on short profiles.

WITH Documents “Date with me”users have the opportunity to present a fuller and more authentic version of themselves, giving potential partners a deeper understanding of who they really are.

In addition, the process of finding a partner is presented as a more natural and transparent experience, moving away from algorithms. dating apps. The connections made through these documents are based on free choice and genuine interest in what the other is saying.

These papers have also been cited as a safer and less intimidating option for women facing negative app situations.

According to a Pew Research Center survey, approximately two-thirds of women under 50 have received physical threats, unwanted sexual messages, and other inappropriate behavior on dating apps.

Whereas, with dating documents, people have more control over who they interact with and can avoid embarrassing situations.

The text app has become a safer alternative to finding appointments. (hide)
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Despite the appeal of this new way of finding love, users Documents “Date with me” They acknowledge that the ability to date may be lower compared to apps like Tinder, as they depend on people who log into their social networks, type in a document, and are encouraged to interact on it.

However, they prefer quality over quantity, appreciating the opportunity to connect with people who are really interested in who they are and what they are looking for, because this modality has no schema to follow and communication occurs more naturally, something that is in this type environment is highly valued.

To create documents, some use complex designs with photos, music, and links of interest. While others choose long text as if it were a summary.

Given the growing popularity of this direction, dating apps they take note and adapt to stay relevant. For example, recently Tinder updated their profiles to allow users to add more information and facilitate direct communication between them.

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