Google confirms it will remove thousands of Gmail and Google Photos accounts

Google is one of the companies whose services are used by the most users.. This is not something amazing, because only with the help of Google Photos or Gmail, billions of accounts are reached. By default, on all Android phones, this is noticeable when it comes to numbers. But even in such large companies, you have to clean up from time to time. Just over a month ago, Google announced that it was going to remove some of the photos hosted on its servers belonging to many users. This was not about the photos we have on Google Photos, but about those that are tied to already broken services like Hangouts.

He later announced the closure of thousands of Gmail accounts, with all the ensuing consequences: the loss of photos from Google Photos, the contacts that were synced in this profile, and so on. The accounts that were about to be deleted were those that had not been used for two years.which Google wanted to remove for various reasons, including security.

Inactive accounts are those that have not been used at all during those 24 months. Any action will make the account active again and will not be deleted, for example, sign in to them, use Google Drive or YouTube, share a photo with Google Photos, or download an app on Google Play.

Google confirms deletion

The announcement was made back in May, although the company gave a lot of time before erasure is in progress, to be completed in December 2023more than six months after the first notification. But the company knows that a lot of people don’t follow tech news, so now it’s getting attention again in a different way.

Some users have seen the email reach their inactive account and its associated security account, which It is reported that if the specified account is not reactivated, it will be deleted on the specified date.. This email does not add more information than the one already sent in May, but helps more people be notified of the change.

In case the Gmail account is under management and it is unknown if it will be affected by deletion of December this can be avoided by simply doing one of the steps listed by Google in his blog article in which he warned about the mass removal.

  • Log in.
  • Use Google Drive.
  • Watch the video on YouTube.
  • Share a photo with Google Photos.
  • Download the app on Google Play.
  • Use Google search.
  • Use Google Sign-in on third party services.

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