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Xiaomi has one of the most recognizable levels of customization on Android thanks to its large number of operating and customization options. At the beginning of this year, MIUI 14 was officially launched in Spain, which is already present on many devices of the brand and has not yet appeared on some others.

Now it’s the turn of MIUI 15., which, like its predecessors, does not promise dramatic changes compared to what the company has been doing lately. In a recent presentation, Xiaomi even provided some information about this new version.

He did it indirectly, since the presentation was not of software, but of one of his new mobile phones, which, in addition, may be one of the first smartphones with MIUI 15 and its new features, which is amazing considering that it is from its sub-brand Redmi .

Will have to wait until 2024

At the recent presentation of Redmi K60, the Chinese company would show the logo of its future software for the first time, it would even state that some devices of its sub-brand Redmi will be one of the first to update when possible. This is amazing considering they are usually one notch below Xiaomi devices.

As usual, the company will first launch a beta version with which users can test MIUI 15 before its launch, although it is not yet clear when this launch will take place. Current version of the adjustment layer arrived in Spain earlier this year, therefore, it can be expected that Xiaomi will start beta testing in the last stretch of this 2023.

MIUI 15 logo

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Among the expected additions to MIUI is a slight design change that brings it even closer to Material You, something that other Chinese brands have already done, at least for the mobile phones they release in their global version. Although it is possible that for many mobile phones it will be released under Android 13, it could initially provide some features that will be in Android 14, such as, for example, an improved clipboard, similar to what is found in Samsung and Google smartphones, as stated MIUIROM. Although it must be said that the company has already launched the Android 14 beta under MIUI 13 for some mobile phones.

At the moment there is no official list of devices that will be updated, but it is expected that the high-end of recent years will be able to do this, as well as the mid-range devices that the company introduced during this year. The same applies to its Xiaomi Pad 5 and Xiaomi Pad 6 tablets, which will receive a special edition to take advantage of their widescreen display.

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