Eye! These are 3 types of SMS scams that are very easy to fall for

SMS fraud (text messages) are becoming more common, and this may be due to the fact that this medium is one of the most commonly used to send notifications or information virally.

According to Mobile Monkey, 9 out of 10 people open and read text messages they receive via SMS and 75% of consumers agree to receive messages from companies via SMS.

On the other side, 90% of messages are read within the first 3 minutes after they are received, by comparative figures.

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That’s why here we bring you three of the most common and dangerous ways that criminals use to hack into accounts and steal data or money.

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Assumed dynamic keys

One of the security alternatives that different banks have has to do with unique codes or dynamic keys. As a rule, these passwords are requested for transactions or payments from accounts.

Notifications almost always come via SMS and email, and this is used by criminals to send malicious links with those who are trying to access personal information on mobile phones.

It’s a good idea to make sure you’re receiving alerts via mail and text messages, that you’re actually following the procedure, or that you can otherwise contact your bank to check what’s going on with your account.

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Fake home delivery

Recently, a tactic of SMS fraud using the 4-72 postal company has become popular, where cybercriminals have a database of 4-72 customers waiting for a package.

According to complaints known to EL TIEMPO, people say they get a text message saying their order is ready but they have to pay an unexpected tax; or that the delivery address seems to them allegedly wrong.

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Alarms about access or false transactions

They also send out texts warning about fake logins or even notifying about non-existent transactions, accompanied by a link that people carelessly type in without viewing or reviewing. it is from there that they can hack devices.

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