EXCLUSIVE – Carlos Santana talks about cannabis: ‘Drugs and medicine are not the same’

Carlos Santana, the legendary guitarist and one of the most influential voices in Latin American music draws a clear dividing line in the global cannabis conversation. In a recent exclusive interview with El Planteo, Santana shared his views on cannabis and its potential impact on the Hispanic community.

“This is the moment to recognize that there are two kinds of frequency: drugs and medicineSantana said. The musician made a distinction between products created by nature and products synthesized in laboratories. “The medicine is created by nature, the sun, air, water and earth; medicines are made by man in the laboratory.”

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Santana suggests that these two categories affect human consciousness in different ways. “These are two different things, two different consciences; one puts you in jail and the other sets you free“, he pointed out.

The guitarist also offered to take a look at his approach to music. contemporary music and current trends in Latin music. Instead of looking for breaking news, Santana looks for authenticity in music.

“It depends, it depends, the music from Africa is new to me, because every time I play it, it’s new. Every time I play “Hi, how are you,” it’s something new. Brand new, brand new“Said Santana, emphasizing his belief in the ability of music to continually innovate when played with sincerity and passion.

Referring to contemporary musicSantana has indicated that he is very selective. For him, music must resonate with his deepest being. “I must feel it in every cell of my body, my heart must accept it. If I don’t feel it, well, it’s not for me.”

The influence of Carlos Santana continues to resonate both in music and in Latin American culture. Having raised her voice on issues such as cannabis and her vision for music, Santana continues to be an inspiration and reference point for the Hispanic community around the world.

Santana and cannabis: a long history

Santana had a long relationship with marijuana, a connection that was rooted in her childhood in Mexico and strengthened over time. “I was close to marijuana since childhood,” he recalled in another recent interview with Factory.

However, it was not until the 1960s, during the rise of the counterculture, that he began to interact more deeply with the plant.

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For Santana cannabis is more than a drug: it is a channel for your spiritual and creative exploration. “Cannabis stimulates the muscles. It’s called imagination,” Santana muses. According to him, cannabis affects “imagination muscle”allowing you to look into the future of opportunity and use that vision to overcome today’s challenges.

This important relationship with marijuana led Santana to launch her own brand of cannabis. Look at me, In collaboration with Parent company (TPCO) in 2019. Mirayo, a combination of “mi” and “rayo”, is a reflection of Santana’s spiritual journey, inviting users to “follow his light”.

But the creation of Miraio was not without difficulties. Santana sees these challenges as part and parcel of his journey, and despite the adversity, he sees himself as a “beam of light” that embodies love and positivity. Troy Datcher, The CEO and President of TPCO supports this vision, saying, “Carlos Santana brings a unique perspective and in-depth knowledge to the marijuana experience. You don’t just support the product; you share part of your life path.”

As Miraio continues to prosper, Santana predicts a bright future. “The future is very promising,” he says. “We plan to introduce new products that are in line with our core values ​​of harmony, spirituality and creativity.” Santana sees his Mirayo brand as contribution to the awakening of collective consciousness and the unity of society.

However, the musician acknowledges the complex motifs of the recent legalization movement. “They do it for money” Santana protests. “They did it out of conscience. They did it almost like… out of greed.” Despite his skepticism, he acknowledges that legalization has brought social benefits such as tax revenue for infrastructure and schools.

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For Santana, his relationship with cannabis is both personal and spiritual, and through his brand, he seeks to share his vision and wisdom with the world. In every Mirayo product, you can find a piece of Santana’s essence: his music, his spirituality and his love of marijuana.

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