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Now more than ever, we realize the importance of the home for well-being. One of the consequences of the pandemic was that we began to spend more time indoors, with all the positive and negative consequences that follow. At a time when the mental health debate is very lively, we are beginning to understand how our environment can affect our state of mind and, ultimately, our well-being. The place where we rest, go about our daily activities and hide from the noise should be a place of comfort and safety, although sometimes this is not so much.

This awareness of the role of the home itself in the quality of life was reflected in the study life at homeconducted by IKEA in 2021. In it, 86% of respondents agree that it is important for them to have a sense of control over the space in which they live, and 76% admit that home is the place where they most feel in control of their lives. Helping the home become a place of peace and quiet is the goal of IKEA and a series of podcasts. i start tomorrowcreated in collaboration with Podium Podcast.

associated with the concept well-being, or wellness, this podcast series focuses on various aspects of living at home and offers recommendations that can improve everyday life through small but significant changes. The feeling that life is under control is one of the prerequisites that can be followed in order to give rest to the mind, and with it the body.

Sleep better – live better

This is one of the keys not only to well-being, but also to a healthier and longer life. Last year, a Stanford University study directly linked sleep quality to life expectancy, as well as a lower likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease or mental health problems. Via psychiatrist Miguel Angel Gonzalez podcast i start tomorrow the most common causes that disturb sleep and possible ways to eliminate them are analyzed.

In addition to mitigating other external factors such as stress or electronic device abuse, creating a supportive and suitable leisure environment can also affect the quality of our holiday. Light, for example, regulates our biorhythms. Choosing the right lighting, soft and subdued, helps us prepare the body for rest.

Organize to simplify

Chaos calls for chaos, and a lack of order at home can lead to tensions and discussions that will eventually seriously affect our emotional state. Several podcasts in this series address this issue from different perspectives. One of them is to make the house minimalist, remove everything superfluous and resist consumer impulses. Focusing on the things that are really needed can help us achieve beneficial peace of mind.

Another way to find an organization that promotes well-being is to tailor the space to your needs. Separating the place where some activities are performed from others, reserving rooms for rest or sleep, separating them from work areas provides a sense of control that has a beneficial effect on everyday life.


Eating right is a matter of order

Cooking and eating are the main activities in any home, which also affect mood and health. Getting into the habit of healthy eating has clear benefits, which in many cases can be hindered if organization is not followed. Especially in the case of families with small children, following some nutritional guidelines is the key to creating a healthy atmosphere in the home. In one of the chapters i start tomorrowpediatrician Carolina Imedio solves this problem with recommendations when it comes to resolving possible conflicts at the table in order to achieve a more relaxed and unhurried atmosphere in eating habits.

Similarly, having a set of utensils that help you cook in a healthy way, as well as organizing your kitchen to better store your food, helps build these habits. Making the best use of the resources at our disposal is another point covered in the podcast.


Find time for yourself

During a hectic pace, another aspect that helps us to release the brakes that can lead us to anxiety is to take time for ourselves. So-called emotional well-being also includes routines such as skin care or exercise, activities that can often be done at home. Dermatologist Paloma Borregon talks in a podcast about how skin care can help us find balance, while personal trainer and program director To be healthyfrom Cadena SER, offers his advice when it comes to implementing these practices into the home realm.

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