Emotions: what are they, what are they for and how are they regulated?

“If we confuse our sadness with anger and tell the person we are angry instead of moving closer, they may move away for fear of an aggressive response from us,” he adds. From this point of view, Emotions are a very useful tool for self-awareness. If a person, for example, feels upset, this is a sign that he is not where he wants to be and not the way he wants to be. It reminds her of what is important and valuable to her. Recognizing that she is disappointed motivates her to keep working towards her goals, keep fighting for her dreams, and make changes or adjustments as needed. For its part, joy urges a person to share and express love, while pain and fear urge him to watch himself, heal, seek help, or defend himself. Feeling overwhelmed is a sign that you need to stop.

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