Emerenciano Sena refused medical attention at the Resistencia hospital.

Emerenciano Senapiquetero leader Chaco detained on charges of premeditated murder in Case of Cecilia Strzyszowski, refused yesterday to receive medical treatment at the Perrando Hospital in Resistencia, a care center he had already visited on July 6, when he had to leave due to insults and booing. I had to do a video colonoscopy.

Sena, who was detained at the 3rd police station in the capital of Chaco, received permission from the Special Prosecutors Unit (EFE) for treatment. The reasons why he refused to be treated at the Perrando hospital, where he applied almost 20 days ago and where he was refused amid the noise of patients and passers-by, were not disclosed. He suffers from diabetes and bleeding polyps, which is why his defense is seeking to provide him with a home prison.

Marcela Acuña, mother-in-law of Cecilia StrzyszowskiGrab

On Friday, Sena was treated at the Galena sanatorium at the request of his defense, who demanded that a doctor “examine him in connection with his health problem associated with bleeding from the colon, since from the time of his arrest until now he has not been provided with appropriate medical care, and no appropriate tests and studies have been carried out to determine his illness.”

In early July, a medical board at the Chaco Institute of Forensic Medicine reported that he was in “good condition” and that his treatment was not in doubt.

Meanwhile, Marcela Acuña, Sena’s wife, also detained (on the same charge as the piquetero leader and ally of Governor Jorge Kapitanić), demanded on Friday to be allowed to see her husband. He did so in a new letter that came out this Monday, but it was written on Friday, the day he wrote two letters. According to a manuscript released by the provincial media, he asked for a meeting of “at least ten minutes.” And asks “if you need to have access to see it.”

In the third paragraph of the letter, Acuña states, “Send the note I have attached to the Chief Prosecutor so that my request to see my husband can be taken into account, given that I consider said refusal to be harassment against me, where I am deprived of the basic right to see my sick husband, and I am also denied the right to be a mother, depriving me of the opportunity to see my son.”

At the end of the letter, Akunya asks that his request be answered as soon as possible. “I am deprived of freedom, but not the right to be a woman, wife, mother; in short, to be human,” concludes the leader, who has written ten letters since his arrest.


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