During the working meeting, they analyze the situation with medical careers at the national level.

The Commission for Culture, Education, Science, Technology and Sports, chaired by Senator Ermelinda Alvarenga de Ortega, led an interministerial working group with the directors of the National Council for Higher Education (CONES) to continue reviewing aspects of the medical career in the country.

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Senator Ermelinda Alvarenga de Ortega.

At the start of the meeting, Dr. Clarito Rojas, President of CONES, responded by presenting a report, requests sent by senators asking for information on the legal basis and rationale for allowing a new medical career, and immediate action by the council in the face of academic proposals without authorization or legal support for its approval.

He also mentioned the focused work being done by CONES, the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education (ANEAES) and the National Health Workforce Strategic Office (DNERHS) in relation to the qualification of new health professions.

In this sense, he emphasized that in order to solve the deep problems of public education at the general level, the support of the government is necessary and necessary, since this is the only way to fulfill the established functions.

For her part, Senator Blanca Ovelar said that the number of vacancies opened at universities that are not recognized and do not have the capacity to train specialists in this field is a concern.

Similarly, he deplored the lack of seriousness of the universities, as well as the institutions responsible for the control of educational institutions.

Speaking, Senator Esperanza Martínez said that a general restructuring of higher education is needed, given that many universities do not have the tools to educate or train medical students, but still offer this degree to the public.

“We must understand that universities do not ask anyone to open a career in medicine, and in order for us to look for mechanisms for closing a career in universities that do not train real specialists, we must ask for permission,” the legislator emphasized.

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Senators Ever Villalba and José Oviedo.

In turn, Dr. Mariano Adolfo Pacher Morel, Rector of the National University of Canindeiu and President of the Council of Rectors of the institution, said that CONES needs strong support from the legislature in order to fulfill its mission, taking into account all the responsibility associated with participation in this council and decision-making.

Dr. Clarito Rojas Marin thanked the members of this Advisory Commission for their constructive criticism and noted that it is extremely important to work together to improve the quality of education at the national level.

In addition, he stated that at the next inter-ministerial working group between CONES, ANEAES, DNERHS and MEC, he will consult on the possibility of the Cultural Commission participating in the debate in order to strengthen the work and decision-making process in a transparent and objective manner.

In turn, Senator Ermelinda Alvarenga said that the level of education of students and specialists in a medical career is important for society, therefore, in order to improve the quality of teaching at universities, it is necessary to delve into every detail, making decisions necessary to achieve this goal.

In addition, after thanking the representatives of various institutions for attending the meeting, he invited his colleagues to sign the draft Declaration, “in which the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the National Council of Higher Education is declared a national interest under the motto “Shaping the higher education that Paraguay deserves.”

This document will be presented at the regular session next Thursday.

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Senators and guests in virtual mode.


Another time, the draft Law “Which amends Article 2 of Law No. 2.946/06 “On the recognition of the Higher Institute of Police Education (ISEPOL) as a higher educational institution” was analyzed.

In this regard, legislators recommended to approve this document with changes.

The meeting was attended by senators Carlos Nunez, Blanca Ovelar, Ever Villalba, Erico Galeano, Esperanza Martinez and José Oviedo.

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