Download WhatsApp images in one view

WhatsApp does not allow you to take screenshots of ephemeral photos, but there are certain ways to see them again.

Download WhatsApp images in one view
Ephemeral photos are stored in memory, but you can’t access them like you would a normal photo.

Would you like to see ephemeral WhatsApp photos as many times as you want? let’s show you 3 ways to view temporary photos as many times as you wanteven the oldest ones. And it is that the messaging app protects certain files by not allowing them to be played after being viewed or allowing you to take a screenshot. However, we can bypass this protection in several ways.

Until recently, it was possible to see these photos from whatsapp web again. The trick was to activate Airplane Mode on the mobile phone and see it on the computer. It is logical that they noticed this error and fixed it, making it impossible to use it. What they haven’t fixed is the following 3 tricks to see ephemeral WhatsApp photos again.

it’s vital respect the privacy of other people, especially when they sent you a photo of the visualizationbecause they only wanted you to see it once. Anyway, this guide is for WhatsApp, but here we will show you how to download photos of other users from Instagram.

Root mobile

if you have rooted your mobile phone, you can use file explorer to access your photos as if they were ordinary photographs that you keep. Let’s go piece by piece, rooting means changing how the device works to access certain features. Although your mobile phone belongs to you, some functions are limited, such as access to certain protected folders. If you root your mobile phone, you will have access to photos.

There is more than one way to root, so in this article we will show you several ways to do it. The fact is that once you do that, you can use File Explorer to view photosbecause they are stored in memory even if you cannot see them again.

Screenshot of MiXplorer

MiXplorer is the file manager we chose

As for the file manager, we chose MiXplorer because it is very easy to use. It cannot be downloaded from Google Play, you will have to do it through the APK Portal, specifically on the link we added after the paragraph. With it, you will be able to navigate through folders containing ephemeral WhatsApp photos. In particular, you must enter: data/data/com.whatsapp/files/ViewOnce.

Download MiXplorer

Enable screenshots

The previous version was a posteriori, but you can also enable screenshots to keep the photo in place. This is a fairly complex process, but we’ll cover it briefly below. Also, when taking a picture, the other person will not be notified as WhatsApp cannot anticipate that someone will turn on this action and save the photo.

For this you can use Xposed Framework, but you also have to root your phone, install Magisk and a module to disable screenshot restriction. We explain why each.

  • Xposed Framework: Expand the capabilities of your mobile phone. the only one allows you to include screenshots for ephemeral photographs.

Xposed framework forum

  • root: You won’t be able to properly use Xposed or activate the module unless you root your device first..
  • magisk: Allows you to install modules. We will be using Magisk to install the module in Xposed..

Download Magisk

  • Module: SAFETY FLAG patch to enable screenshots in Xposed.

Download module

As we said, the process is complex and you will also have to you must download the correct version of Xposed Framework which is suitable for your mobile phonebecause there are several of them. That’s why we linked to the Xposed forum above, from which you can find out which one you need to download.

Once you have it installed, you will need to install the FLAG SECURE module previously downloaded with Magisk. When it’s all done go to the Modules tab, in Xposed and activate screenshots. Now you can save ephemeral photos.

Github photo with FLAG SECURE module

The FLAG SECURE module allows you to disable screenshot protection

photo to photo

Finally, you will always have the option to take a photo. Just Activate playback and use another mobile phone or camera device to take a photo.. It’s not the most elegant alternative, but it always works and the person who sent it to you may not know about it.

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