“Don’t go on stage again” – Luis Miguel’s reaction to the fact that a drone flew over him at his concert in Argentina.

Luis Miguel captured everyone’s attention with his long-awaited return to the stage. which took place on August 3 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The revival of the widely acclaimed “Salt of Mexico” has raised a lot of anticipation. especially to see his vocal performance at 53 years old.

However, the artist won the hearts of those presentas many assure (and videos on social networks testify) that Luis Miguel is still on top.Al manages to interpret some of his most famous songs.

Although there was a special moment at Luis Miguel’s first concert in Argentina that caught the attention of users a lot, and that was when the singer showed obvious “surprise” when he saw an aerial drone fly over his head while singing.

The event was recorded and posted on TikTok by Romina Poletti and lasts 23 seconds, where Luis Miguel on stage while performing one of his songs.

In it, the singer begins to look at the sky, specifically to the drone that passed around him.


The drone doesn’t take the stage anymore 🤣@Luis Miguel #luismiguel #luismiguelentiktok #luismiguel_official

♬ original sound – Romina Poletti

The singer, laughing with the audience, he took the opportunity to joke and pretend he used the weapon to bring down the drone.

This drone doesn’t take the stage anymore“Written by Romina Poletti in the video.

This frame has more than 15 million reproductions, as well as more than 600 thousand reactions and comments from users who joked about the situation.

In addition, Poletti has other shots in his account where he observes in detail Luis Miguel’s presentation and how he even sang with the Mariachi band.


If we are allowed🎶🎶 #luismiguelaserie #luismiguel #luismiguelentiktok #luismiguelentiktour2023 @Luis Miguel

♬ original sound – Romina Poletti


Another detail that impressed Internet users was drastic physical change of Luis Miguel.

In the same videos of users Romania Poletti, The singer also has a change in appearance, which indicates a decrease in weight.

Despite this, most Internet users did not criticize the singer, as they assure that he was able to give a show that met his expectations, and that he did not lose his musical abilities.

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