Do Mexicans know about self-care? These are major health trends.

Acceptance of self-care, as people’s ability to take care of their health is called, has grown among Mexicans, although it takes perseverance to push initiatives on this issue for the good of health and the economy, according to authorities in the field.

In the most recent measurement by the Global Self Service Federation, Mexico received a score of 3.02 out of 4, which, while putting the country ahead of the likes of Colombia (2.90), left it behind the likes of Singapore (3.16) and Germany (3.14).

The mentioned assessment, according to the medical company Sanofi, shows that Mexico is a country ready to implement more self-care activities.

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In addition, the pharmacist also emphasizes that self-care provides economic benefits.

“Self-care practices have generated economic and social benefits in Latin America to the extent that they can save up to $7.2 billion for the region’s health systems while improving the overall well-being of the population,” Sanofi said, citing data from the Latin American Association for Responsible Self Care (ILAR).

The challenge of health on a personal level

Self-care activities, according to experts, include endless options.

For Sanofi, desirable self-care activities include learning about our health and how to take care of it, our mental well-being, being physically active, eating healthy, limiting bad habits such as smoking; good hygiene, such as handwashing, and the responsible use of health products and services.

At the moment, among the initiatives that Mexicans are using, the search for a good mood and concern for physical well-being stand out. This is according to surveys and measurements of consumer companies.

In his case, the Spotify platform found that comedy is the most popular podcast category in Mexico, with the Lifestyle & Health category in second place.

For its part, the Uber platform took a measurement, in which it found that the personal care routine that Mexicans use the most is related to skin care.

“Uber has found that users don’t like to go to bed with their faces covered throughout 2023, so makeup remover pads and wipes have been a favorite this year,” the company said in a statement.

In addition, soap and candles are also products that Mexicans try to have, according to the consumption measurement made in the transfer app published on the occasion of World Self Care Day.

For its part, speaking of self-care, which is also recommended in the workplace, the AT&T report, prepared with expert advice, highlights the importance of getting rid of the fear of knowing oneself, which can be achieved with the help of therapy offered by a professional guide.

Similarly, he suggests having uncomfortable conversations with supervisors or co-workers to avoid repetitive thoughts and stress.

Every July 24 is celebrated world self care dayset from 2011 on this date because it symbolizes 24/7, the frequency with which people need to take care of themselves.

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