Discover the four keys to a happier life

happiness This is the emotional state that people experience when they feel good or when they believe that their goals, desires and intentions have been achieved. This emotion causes feeling of satisfactionin which there are no fears and sufferings that torment and overshadow positive feelings.

Very few people feel completely happy. In fact, a state of complete happiness is somewhat hard to achieve. However, everyone has small pleasures or feelings that generally make him a little happier.

Although there is not the same model of happiness in all cases, there are some Habits that can help people feel better.

Emiliana Simon-Thomas, research director at the University of California’s Big Good Science Center, has been responsible for the discovery of some techniques that can help people become happieras published in the magazine Psychology.

The expert pays special attention prosocial emotions, they are those characterized by positivity, usefulness, a desire to promote social acceptance and friendship. In this group of emotions we will find feelings such as gratitude, compassion, kindness, fear or trust.

At this point, Emiliana Simon-Thomas remembers that in order to become a little happier, it is not enough to earn more money, get a promotion or travel the world, but instead it would be very important to have a healthy relationship.

To become happier, this professional of the human mind offers four small steps it can help almost everyone become a little happier in everyday life and cultivate joy and contentment.

social connection

One of the strengths of happiness is social connection. This feeling is the fact that find and surround yourself with people you can have real conversations with and speak with empathy and confidence so that nothing distracts us.

With this circle of people, Emiliana Simon-Thomas recommends “avoiding so-called negative problems” and seizing the opportunity to deal with positive events.


It is the positive that will be the second fundamental key to improving mood and a little happier.

In this feeling it would matter to catch and enjoy the moments that make us feel good, that make us feel grateful.


In addition, the expert reminds that it is important to practice resilience, awareness overcome traumatic circumstances, putting them into words and assimilating them.

Thus, if something bad happens again in the future, we become aware of the experience already experienced in order to assimilate what will happen.

learn to apologize

Finally, Emiliana Simon-Thomas reminds us that there is a fourth key action to feel happy and make others feel happy too. she is serious learn to apologizeapologize and accept mistakes.

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