Discover an exercise that defines your arms, legs and stomach without you knowing it

If you’re tired of doing the same exercises to stay strong, or if you don’t exercise but want to try something simple and fun, You can’t miss this exercise from our personal trainer. Victor Tellez is once again challenging us to get in shape in the funniest way possible. You just need a tennis ball.

In the video, Tellez explains two different exercises, one of which is very simple. Throw the ball in the air and catch it with one hand. First with the dominant hand, and then with the less dominant hand (here the exercise becomes more difficult). With this gesture (throw and receive) You will be able to put your hands very strongly, in addition to improving coordination.

The second exercise is more difficult, but also more interesting. It consists in catching the ball without falling to the ground while lunging.. With this movement, you will be able to gradually define the arms and legs, exercising the stomach. It is very interesting and accessible to everyone, including young children.

If you want more tricks or videos, don’t miss this link where all the videos are. And if you have any doubts, you can contact our coach through social networks.

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