Digital wellbeing: what is it and how do you control the time you spend online?

We could all use a dose digital wellbeing this time of year, but what does that mean? To begin with, well-being refers to a holistic balance, including physical, mental, physical or social factors. digital wellbeingon the other hand, it is about our well-being in relation to how we use the media, especially the media. smartphone or computer We tell its details!

What is Digital Wellbeing?

In general, this is understood digital wellbeing towards healthy consumption of digital media. Google has dubbed the same term for an Android application with which you can, among other things, find out the time you spend on your mobile phone or limit the use of applications. The program sometimes works on Samsung devices and helps you spend less time on your mobile phone. for the benefit of mental health and to be less bothered by emails, whatsapp messages and the like.

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Too much screen time has been linked to problems like anxiety and depression.

In addition, some Programs They come with the ability to control usage and set maximum time limits. For example, in the case of TikTok, users under the age of 18 can only use the app for 60 minutes per day.

Why are there apps for digital wellbeing?

We are always available, we can rarely disconnect, and many of us are even addicted to mobile phones. It takes not only time, but also harms our mental health in the long run. To combat this, manufacturers smartphones and app developers offer features digital wellness which provide users with detailed information about their behavior. Among them are Digital Wellbeing for Android by Google and Screen Time for iOS by Apple.

What does the Google Digital wellbeing app offer?

Digital Wellbeing is a tool that tells you how often you use your smartphone or how much time you spend on certain apps like TikTok, Snapchat or Instagram. The function is designed to help reduce time on your smartphonepromote controlled use, reduce digital stress and create more offline time. Based on your individual data, you can even record the maximum time you use each app on the day or time you want to be available to your contacts.

If the app is not installed, you can download it yourself from the Google Play Store. You can’t download it? The Digital Detox app on Android works similarly.

This is what the android app shows you

  • Determine how much time you spend on your smartphone.
  • Track how often you use each app.
  • Show how often you unlock your smartphone.
  • Track how many notifications you receive from which apps.
  • If you like, the screen turns gray at certain times to remind you to get less attached to your phone.
  • It can remind you to turn off your phone at night.

The summary shows the usage you have made in the last two weeks.

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Check if your phone and computer have these features!

How to use it on Apple?

Apple also has such a tool for monitor phone usage on your iOS operating system. On the iPhone, the program is called Screen Time. It is preinstalled at purchase or automatically downloaded with the iOS 12 update. Screen Time also shows, among other things, a summary of the minutes used on the mobile phone. Here you can check your data for four weeks.

If you don’t have the Screen Time app, there are iOS alternatives. For example, the application “Attentive”.

How to promote digital wellbeing without apps?

You don’t necessarily need an app to limit cell phone usebut some discipline. Here are some tips on how to find the best balance between online time and offline:

  • Turn off your cell phone when you go to bed.
  • Set the restart time in the morning (e.g. 9). Until then, always leave it off.
  • When you’re at work, put your phone on airplane mode or do not disturb.
  • Turn off notifications push applications.
  • make one digital detox aware from time to time.

Article originally published by Glamor Germany,, adapted by Paola Zamarripa.

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