Despite the low price of RAM, some people recycle old server modules.

While most components have gone up in price, there are two that have gone down a lot, like SSDs and RAM. Memory manufacturers for these components have made an attempt to raise the price again. But we found that they would recycling old RAM modules from servers to create consumer grade modules.

If you go to Amazon (or any other store) you can find 16 GB (2×8 GB) RAM modules for 41 euros. Also 32 GB (2 × 16 GB) RAM kits for 92 euros. We are talking about really ridiculous prices, unthinkable a couple of years ago.

Prices that plummeted due to overstocking of memory chips and falling demand. What allegedly forced manufacturers to reduce production in order to stop selling at cost and even at a loss.

From servers to home user

trendforce reported an influx RAM modules from servers. In particular, decommissioned server modules are used. Chips removed for create Now consumer grade RAMbut with used server chips.

It seems that the server RAM modules used are being reduced on a large scale. This means that they upgrade due to low cost of RAM. According to the report, the modules will come from “two main suppliers from South Korea“.

The list of DRAM chip manufacturers is very limited and there are only two manufacturers in South Korea. Samsung and SC Hynix. This does not mean that these two manufacturers are the ones who produce them, but their memory is being used.

ddr4 server ramCorrespond it’s just in time, as we noted, when the producers agreed to cut production. By creating a shortage, they try to raise prices and thus stop selling at cost or, in some cases, at a loss.

It looks like they’re trying to put pressure on them to avoid rising prices for RAM. Trendforce indicates that they using these chips to create DDR4 @ 3200 MHz memory.

Obviously, these modules raise a lot of concerns in terms of their durability. We must keep in mind that they are produced on “old” chips from servers that are very worn out. The useful life will undoubtedly be less than that of newly manufactured modules.

kingston fury ram

How to find out what new “fake” modules are?

Physically, there is no way to find out, and perhaps the manufacturers do not indicate this anywhere. To avoid buying one of these redesigned modules, we can follow these guidelines:

  • Buy 3600 MHz RAM as “fake” modules will run at 3200 MHz.
  • Buy memory from reputable manufacturers such as Corsair, Kingston, Crucial and the like.
  • Obviously don’t buy modules from Chinese brands or that sound Chinese to us (sorry for the bad joke).
  • If you are going to upgrade, try making sure your motherboard supports DDR5 RAM.

I must say that these modules are most likely sold in China, mainly. No self-respecting manufacturer would risk selling low-quality modules. In addition, Samsung and SK Hynix, if they find that reliable manufacturers are doing this, can be fined.

As always, avoid buying from Asian pages and modules from manufacturers you’ve never heard of. If no important hardware website like us has ever analyzed this brand, they are very suspicious.

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