Deputies urged to adopt a law regulating aesthetic medicine

MEXICO CITY, July 22 (EL UNIVERSAL). Given the increase in the number of clinics, spas, gyms and beauty salons that offer treatments and even cosmetic surgeries performed by people without training or certification, medical specialists and senators have called on the Chamber of Deputies to approve the reform, frozen from 2020.

They explained that in this impasse for almost 3 years, aesthetic medicine “charlatans” have proliferated, as the vast majority of cases where people suffer from malpractice are carried out in institutions that do not have uncertified doctors or even people who do not even have a medical education.

They also pointed out that since November 2020, the Senate has amended Section 81 of the General Health Law to empower the Ministry of Public Education to issue specialty medical certificates. However, the Chamber of Deputies keeps it in the legislative freezer, which has slowed the certification of thousands of Mexican doctors and caused the proliferation of “duckling” clinics.

Morena legislators, José Ramón Henriquez and José Narro, both doctors, said the Mexican state should take back control of the certification issue and root out the mafia, interests and private businesses that have created a dam to train thousands of young doctors who cannot access certification due to its high cost.

They stressed that within the framework of the XXVII International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine, Aesthetic Surgery and Obesity, which took place this week, it was pointed out that hundreds of Mexican doctors studying in the country’s private universities are denied certification and, conversely, those who come from abroad, as in the case of Cubans, practice in Mexico without any requirements.

José Narro, senator for Morena, deplored that, after Felipe Calderón’s six-year term, control of the certification of medical specialties has been handed over to the National Committee for the Regulation of Specialized Councils (CONACEM), which generate an income of up to one billion pesos a year, of which it is not known what they are used for.

He said that the Department of Health and us from the Congress of the Union need to create a regulatory framework in Mexico similar to what exists in the United States or Spain,” he said.

However, he expressed regret that the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies refuses to approve a reform that returns the right to transparently certify the country’s doctors to the AKP.

“Currently, there is no cosmetic surgery specialty or specialization in Mexico due to this type of mafia in certification, and due to this, the business of beauty salons, duck clinics, gyms and spas is being promoted, where this type of practice is carried out without any control,” he said.

“Because of this impasse, because of this freezer, hundreds of Mexican doctors who want to specialize in cosmetic surgery are forced to go to Colombia, Italy or the United States to study at foreign universities,” he lamented.

For his part, Dr. Marco Antonio Conde Pérez, President of the Council of Aesthetic Surgery Professionals, reiterated the call for the Chamber of Deputies to create a legal framework for certification that prevents the spread of duck clinics and slows down private university graduates.

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