Danone introduces BeWell, a comprehensive wellness program for nearly 2,000 employees in Spain.

Health and well-being continue to gain in importance and are positioned as a matter of social concern. Therefore, in line with its mission to promote health, Danone, leading health food company just introduced an update Best wishesa comprehensive wellness program that includes all the company’s initiatives to care for the well-being of the nearly 2,000 people that make up Danone in Spain, taking into account all aspects of health and socio-economic stability: physical, emotional well-being and healthy eating.

Through BeWell Danone offers set of wellness benefits, measures and solutions who adapt to each person and needs, understanding that the stage of life of each of them is different. The project was born in response to the needs and problems of modern society. According to the latest CIS barometer in May, health and sanitation, with 22.9%, was the second concern for the Spaniards. This program covers key aspects of the well-being of the team. In addition, the pandemic also left its mark, with 86% of those surveyed admitting that they have since become more concerned about their diet. However, we still have room to improve in terms of our habits because, according to the Spanish Heart Foundation, 70% of Spaniards do not get enough exercise, and 59% of the population, according to the WHO, suffer from stress at work. These concerns and needs have also been carried over into the professional realm, and according to Adecco research, 70% of Spanish employees say their company should be more concerned about their overall well-being.

“Health is at the heart of our mission: to bring health through food to as many people as possible. This is our compass and it starts with us Danoners. With the relaunch of BeWell, we will work to create and promote conditions so that all people can maximize their health, well-being and energy to enjoy life and be the best version of themselves at every stage of their personal and professional lives. Another example of our values ​​of humanism, putting people at the center, openness and closeness in order to listen and understand their needs, and enthusiasm for the passion with which we promote this project,” he states. Vanesa Berrido, Head of Talent Acquisition, Diversity and Employer Branding, Danone Iberia.

The company has always been a benchmark for employee care policy. An effort that has recently was recognized by Intrama, which certified Danone as “Best Wellbeing Company”. to be one of the 30 companies in Spain with the best practices in corporate health and wellness.

Comprehensive wellness program based on three pillars

C BevellThe Company intends to unite and strengthen all its existing initiatives – local and global – and new proposals in the interests of the well-being of its employees, within a single coherent, strong and reliable project, focusing on three pillars as a result of a combination of key priorities: nutrition, mental and physical.

through food, Danone wants to make it easier to access information and knowledge about healthy eating and nutrition so that employees can benefit from the company’s experience in promoting healthy and sustainable eating habits. To do this, they implemented key activities such as including a nutritionist in offices, workshops with experts, nutrition education, and suggesting healthy menu ideas.

From my side, The Psychic Pillar seeks to prioritize emotional balance and resilience by promoting initiatives that positively impact work-life balance and raising awareness of the importance of mental health through measures that promote digital disconnection, adaptive workspaces, maximum individual flexibility and team efficiency (mail/meeting schedules, collaboration rules…). These measures are already very well received as 85% of the workforce want to keep them and 58% indicate that they have a positive effect on their well-being/energy. In addition, emotional well-being involves an adapted accompaniment depending on each life stage. For this reason, Danone takes into account situations such as motherhood or fatherhood, marital status (with or without children), social security or issues such as flexible remuneration and others.

The purpose of the physical pillar It is caring for the body to have the energy to enjoy life, guaranteeing access to health insurance, physiotherapy services in the workplace and tools so that they can actively take care of their health, such as access to various sports centers.. In this area, the company also promotes activities that encourage an active daily life through group sports throughout the day.

According to Vanessa Berrido, having metrics for this program is essential to ensure good progress and development: “We measure the impact of the BeWell program with two types of metrics: the direct impact of specific actions and with the Wellness Index (a list of health, safety and wellbeing questions we measure through our annual Climate Survey). We have set ourselves the goal of continuing to improve and move up 13 points in the coming year.”

Finally, the cross-cutting aspect is key for Danone: the introduction of new forms and workplaces that maximize the productivity and flexibility of their employees, promoting prioritization, focus, collaboration and collective efficiency of the hybrid work model. In addition, the Danone team has a map of learning resources to improve their emotional health and well-being in all formats through the CampusX learning platform, from any device and from any location, to ensure that all staff have the necessary knowledge and tools to maximize their well-being.

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