Cool down summer with exercise

Many people think that it is hard to train in summer because they feel overwhelmed and afraid of overheating. But from a deck chair, for example, they can squat. And effortlessly shaping and getting the best body of the season is a possible goal.

Another option is to climb to the bottom of the pool and run in the water, which can also be done on a beach with low waves. This achieves two goals: to refresh and tone the legs.

The idea is to take advantage of the benefits that summer offers, which forces us to be in cool places and perform a low-impact routine so that our body breaks the habit of being alone in an air-conditioned bubble.

The typical squat is ideal for doing multiple series interspersed with combat moves, thus providing a “hook” or “straight” in high temperatures, very calmly and without agitation.

The ball is always a good alternative to playing in pairs or in a group, which offers a great movement that can be done in the same way in the pool and thus warm up while your arms get stronger.

The summer principle is to drink plenty of water, hydration is the key to not feeling dizzy and staying active. And if you want to relax and be in a passive state, breathing exercises will be the icing on the cake. Take a deep breath and slowly raise your arms.

good session Stepsoption aerobics where the sequence of exercises is done step by step, it is recommended towards the end of the evening, always to the beat of good soft music. The heat cannot interfere with sports.

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