Coinbase will provide access to its new core network on August 9th.

Key facts:
  • The launch of the bridge between Base and Ethereum has been postponed and can now be used.

  • Base is the second layer of Ethereum based on Optimism’s OP stack.

Base, the second layer Ethereum network developed by the Coinbase exchange, will be available to the public from August 9th. In addition, a bridge has already been published for mobilizing tokens between Base and Ethereum.

In its announcement, Coinbase clarifies that Over the next week, you’ll start seeing dapps launching support for Base.. As reported by CriptoNoticias, various business partners have been working on applications for this new Ethereum second layer.

The start of the Base project was announced in February. So far, the network has only been open to order to pave the way for its launch and continue testing its functionality and possible failures.

Being the second layer of Ethereum, The base will function similarly to networks such as Arbitrum, Optimism, zkSync and Starknet, among others.. Basically, it’s based on the OP Stack code also used by Optimism. The purpose of these second layers is to increase the scalability of the core network, allowing more users to join it without causing congestion, delays, or increased operating costs.

Although Base has not yet gone public, it is one of the second most active layers of Ethereum. Source:

Coinbase Scholarship Program

Except, Base Announces Scholarship Program That Will Deliver Over 100 Ethers (ETH) in prizes. The amount is equivalent to almost $185,000 at the time of this writing.

Scholarships will be distributed over several rounds hosted by Coinbase through the platform. The first will be Onchain Summer, which will take place from 9 to 18 August. It will take place as part of the virtual festival of the same name during the month, “organized by the top 50 developers, brands, products, artists and creators.” The event details that “every day in August, they will bring you something of interest online, covering art, music, games, ads and more.”

The next round is Build on Base, August 12-23. To access these grants, developers must implement a protocol, framework, or application in Base.

Coinbase introduced the Base Developer Grant Program. Source:

The third of the described rounds is Stand with Crypto, from August 14 to 24. Those wishing to participate will need to film a one-minute video describing an on-chain application use case or “advocate for sensible regulation.” Coinbase, as reported in this paper, is disputing a legal battle in the United States over attempts by the National Securities Commission to restrict crypto assets traded on its platform.

In addition to grants, we teamed up with other Superchain members to host the Superhack virtual hackathon from August 4th to 18th. As part of the hackathon, a prize of $125,000 will be drawn.

Coinbase after announcing the public launch of Base.

Finally, the distribution of scholarships will be completed based on accounts, which will take place from August 16 to September 13. In this case, developers are encouraged to “create something that opens up a new or improved user interface in Base using the account abstraction”.

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