Cofares promotes sports and the well-being of its employees

Eduardo Pastor, president of the organization, signed the Agreement aimed at promoting the practice of physical activity.

This morning Cofares President Eduardo Pastor signed a cooperation agreement with the Fundación Deporte Alcobendas (FUNDAL), represented by his patron Rosa Medina and the mayor of the City Council of this city, Rocío García Alcantara, to further improve the welfare of employees and the development of local sports.

With this Agreement, Cofares becomes a patron partner of FUNDAL, which will allow the sharing of sports activities such as free registration of employees and their families for social sports events, access to competitive tournaments and open participation in the annual Ciudad de Alcobendas business race.

“The signing of this Agreement reflects Cofares’ strong commitment to holistic talent management, where the health and well-being of our employees is equally a priority. The habitual practice of physical activity is one of the best means of preventing disease, and also leads to mental well-being and balance in people. This agreement is a practical help to achieve an optimal level of well-being, facilitating access to new tools,” said Eduardo Pastor.

In addition, employees will be provided with an urban “Sport Pass” on the same economic terms as those registered with Alcobendas, all with the aim of promoting healthy habits. They are also committed to working together to improve work-life balance with 50% discounts when enrolling on certain dates such as No School Days or Summer Multisport Campus.

This is a move that reaffirms the organization’s commitment to the employee experience, where well-being, reconciliation and development are prioritised. Thus, the agreement confirms the promotion of integrated care for the health and well-being of employees and complements the value proposition of the organization in this regard.


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